Wang Chuanliang Conducts Survey on Team Building of Young Faculties

By Fri, 24 Nov 2017 GMT

Beijing, 24th November, 2017 (BISTU)—Seminar for Young Faculties of Computer Science School welcomes Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council, who is here to share understanding report of the 19th National Congress of CPC, encourage young faculties to hold fast to dreams, and illustrate that young faculties shall realize their dreams in actual course of education and devotion to the nation. He is accompanied by Lu Lei, Director of Organization Department, and Chen Xin, Director of Office for Human Resources. The seminar is attended by entire management of School of Computer Science and all young faculties under 45 and hosted by Han Junyan, Chairman of School Council.


Following presentations and speeches delivered by faculties, Wang Chuanliang positively comments the effort of the School on culture construction and emotion environment construction. He points out that increase of faculties’ wellbeing and students’ love of the University proves the effectiveness of construction of humanity spirit. The University is now on a fast lane of development and each faculty shall clarity their goals and contribute to he development.  

Wang Chuanliang also elaborates the times’ value of traditional Chinese culture such as love of others, etiquette, honesty, justice, and loyalty. He says that young faculties shall learn from wisdom and values of traditional Chinese culture and consolidate the objectives of communism and socialism with Chinese characteristics. Core socialist values shall be cultivated and practiced. It is important to educate students in respect of “four confidences” and contribute to Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.


In the seminar, young faculties freely express themselves on a variety of issues and produce invaluable suggestions for general planning of the new campus, educational mode, and integration of industry, learning and research. They express that construction of five environments, a strategy proposed by University Council, has clearly offered a detailed guideline for development of BISTU. They will work even harder to advance construction of five environments and to contribute to the country with every effort.