Experience Sharing for BISTU 2017 Summer Programs

By Wed, 15 Nov 2017 GMT

Beijing, 15th November, 2017 (BISTU)— Xiaoying campus of BISTU welcomes students representatives who have attended 2017 summer programs hosted by international partners of the University as well as students who have completed their semester-based program at Universita’ degli Studi Internazionali di Rome.    




The University has organized 8 programs for summer vacation of 2017 and gathered 116 students, a record high in terms of the number of programs and the number of students participating in the programs. For the first time BISTU conducts cooperation with four famous international leading universities, i.e., Cardiff University, Boston University, Technische Universität Berlin, and Freie Universität Berlin.  

On the experience sharing meeting, Liang Jingwen and other 14 students representatives share their experiences and feelings on summer program in respect of campus environment, learning mode, course syllabi, life, etc. as well as their expectations on future programs.  

Liang Jingwen, a student who has attended interpretation and translation program at Canada British Columbia University sings high praise of the courses. With professional knowledge and updated information, she is provided access to frontier fields and practice. During the course, she gets in touch with modules like advanced interpretation and sight interpretation which are only available for senior students. At the same time, she has the opportunity to enhance translation competences via practices in respect of wine, court, and on-site interpretation. Says Liang Jingwen. 

Boston University produces opportunities for the students to get close contact with tycoons of entrepreneurship. With self-motivated learning atmosphere and innovative spirit there, students are motivated to learn and to practice, particularly in exchange activities held at Babson Business School.  

Wang Rujun and Mi Yan, who have attended exchange program at Universita’ degli Studi Internazionali di Rome, says that the University specially hosts welcome ceremony for exchange students and assigns one learning partner for each exchange student. With the help from the University and their learning partners, they feel at east and at home.  

Summer programs produces invaluable opportunities for the students to re-think Chinese culture, enhance their identity awareness and culture self-confidence, cultivate an open and inclusive mind with respect to others, and train their capacity in international exchange and communication. These programs also train students in terms of academic habit as well as their competence of doing research in English. Says the students representatives.  

In summarizing students’ reports, Dr. Lu Jing, Director of International Cooperation Department, concludes that BISTU students have deeply impressed international partners with their outstanding performance and have brought home valuable firsthand information on each exchange program. It is of great help for further development of international exchange at BISTU. The University will take students’ suggestions and advice to build more channels for international exchange and to produce more opportunities for students to learn at world famous institutions.