The 2016 North China Five Provinces Robot Contest Grand Opening Ceremony Successfully Completes

By Sat, 11 Nov 2017 GMT

Beijing, 11th November, 2017 (BISTU)—North China Five Provinces Robot Contest, an annual event hosted by BISTU, welcomes thousands of spectators and guest at Beijing University Students Gymnasium with the theme “smart, leading, innovation, and application”. Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council, attends the opening ceremony hosted by Vice President Xu Baojie and emphasizes in his address that it is a substantial move for all participants of the Contest to explore more in the field of robot studies.    


Following the national flag-raising ceremony, Xu Baojie extends welcome to all honorable guests and teams. The opening ceremony is attended by administrators from education department of different provinces and team members of all teams, including Director Shao Wenjie and Deputy Director Rong Yanning of Higher Education Department of Beijing Municipal Educational Commission, Director Lian Zhongfeng of Higher Education Department of Tianjin Municipal Educational Commission, Deputy Director Gao Ming of Higher Education Division of Hebei Provincial Department of Education, Chen Wei of Higher Education Division of Shanxi Provincial Department of Education, Hou Zengguang (Deputy Head of State Key Lab of Complex System Management and Control of Chinese Academy of Science), Zhang Yitian (Director of Artificial Intelligence Lab of State Development Research Center for Industrial Information and Security), Liang Liang (Executive Director of Organizing Committee of World Robot Conference) as well as students and faculties from universities whose teams are to compete in the Contest.    

Shao Wenjie extends warm congratulations to the Contest and points out that Beijing Municipal Government attaches great importance to cultivation of innovative and practical competence of students. It is hoped that the Contest will further improve quality of education and construction of disciplines and enhance students’ awareness and competence in innovation and entrepreneurship. The government will as usual support such contests to enable it to play a bigger role in exchange and communication among universities in North China five provinces.    





As one of the ten major industries involved in Made in China 2025, smart robot covers a number of frontier technologies. In their addresses, Hou Zengguang, Zhang Yitian and Liang Liang talk about development of robot and artificial intelligence technology and introduce frontier technologies applied to current smart robots. They encourage the students to work even harder, seize the opportunities, and dedicate to the times’ tide of innovation and entrepreneurship.    

Li Tianqi from Yanshan University as representative of all players extends thanks to government, faculties, and students who have been working for and support the Contest. He says that it is an unforgettable memory to build and test robots. The Contest offers the best platform for young people to show their talents and they will for sure learn a lot.  

This year, the previous Silk Road Robot Rally Race is changed into challenge race for smart logistics robots, which aims at observing and evaluating robots’ competence in simulated factory environment in respect of auto-control and auto-operation, transportation, barrier-avoidance, etc. The Contest also sets tube detection for submarine robots, aiming at application of robots in engineering projects. Aerial robots focus on competence of UAV in reconnoiter and air-land coordinated operation. 

The combination between robot contest and engineering application not only shows frontier technology achievements in artificial intelligence but also enhance students’ competence in innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a good move to enable students to learn and to promote development of robot technology. Says Xu Baojie.    

North China Five Provinces Robot Contest is co-sponsored by Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, Hebei Provincial Department of Education, Shanxi Provincial Department of Education, and Nei Mongol Provincial Department of Education and starts its first contest in Beijing hosted by BISTU in 2013. After five successive contests, the Contest now has become a milestone for innovation and practical competence of students in North China. It attracts around 2,000 students from 90 universities, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Tianjin University of Technology, Yanshan University, North University of China, Inner Mongol Normal University and Chien Kuo Technology University (Taiwan). The Contest has produced a valuable platform on which a nuymber of achievements have been incubated such as smart wheelchair robot, Mecanum wheel robot applied in public transport observation, rescue robots, etc.