Xu Baojie Meets with Chienkuo Technology University Robot Team

By Fri, 10 Nov 2017 GMT

Beijing, 10th November, 2017 (BISTU)— BISTU Vice President Xu Baojie meets with faculties and students of Robot Team of Chienkuo Technology University who are here to attend North China Five Provinces Robot Contest.    

Following his warmest welcome to Chienkuo Technology University Team members, Xu Baojie offers a brief introduction to history and achievements of North China Five Provinces Robot Contest. He says that it is now the fifth session and according to Chinese tradition, the 5th anniversary is a milestone to remember. The past five years have witnessed sharp growth in number of items, increasing number of participants, and improvement of qualities. He then extends sincere thanks to Chienkuo Technology for their generous support in the past five years and wishes every team player success.    

Prof. Chen Maolin, Director of Division of Continuing Education of Chienkuo Technology University and Head of the Team, thanks BISTU for warm reception and introduces team players. Also he displays Chienkuo works: an UAV capable of vertical taking-off and landing as well ashorizontal speed aviation. Prof. Chen Maolin says that North China Five Provinces Robot Contest opens a new gate to another broader field of learning for students and faculties. He hopes that this Contest would be a harvest for Chienkuo team this year.  

In honor of great contribution and support from Chienkuo Technology University to the Contest, Organizing Committee of the Contest particularly awards Chienkuo Technology University the Prize of Organizing Excellence.  

Chienkuo Technology University team visits to attend North China Five Provinces Robot Contest hosted by BISTU. It is now their fifth trip to the Contest and they will participate in sections like innovative design of robots, sports games (Golf) for humanoid robots, martial arts, etc.  

The meeting is also attended by Wang Xingfen, Director of Academic Affairs Office and Dean of School of International Education, and Dr. Lu Jing, Director of Office for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs.