BISTU Campus Recruitment Event 2018 Successfully Completes

By Wed, 25 Oct 2017 GMT

Beijing, 25th October, 2017 (BISTU)— Xiaoying Campus welcomes companies and graduating students who are attending BISTU Campus Recruitment Event 2018 on Oct. 25th. The Event offers over a thousand positions for graduating students of all majors. Chairman Wang Chuanliang of University Council and President Wang Yongsheng visit the Event.

Companies and institutions attending this Event include Beijing Branch of State GRID, Beijing MTR Corporation (BJMTR), Xingtang Telecommunication Science and Technology of Datang Telecom Technology Group, China North Industries Group Corporation, and some companies cooperating with employment of graduating students of the seven universities under supervision of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. These companies covers a number of areas such as machinery, electronics, telecommunications, computer science, auto industry, design, management, education, finance, etc.  

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang extends thank to all companies for their trust and support with the University. He emphasizes that employment is the biggest issue concerning people's livelihoods. Employment of graduating students requests support of all trades of life. At the same time, BISTU will innovate means, contents, and ideas of fostering employment of graduating students to keep up pace with the times. He points out that education is a systematic job which requires coordination of all sectors involved so as to better serve strategic orientation of Beijing as the Four Centers, the objective of building moderately prosperous society, and realization of great rejuvenation of Chinese Nation.  

When talking to companies cooperating with employment of graduating students of the seven universities under supervision of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, Wang Yongsheng points out that the employment alliance (which includes these companies), together with university-enterprise cooperation, is big step forward in promotion of graduating students’ employment. It is hoped that BISTU could strengthen cooperation with all relating companies and institutions to explore establishment of even more stable, regular mode of cooperation to realize optimized and effective allocation of resources.


The Event attracts more than 2,000 graduating students. The companies attending the Event sign high praise for BISTU students and comment that they are professionally trained with diligence. They truly represent BISTU University Motto of “diligence in learning and honor for life”. The University also particularly arranged five classrooms for presentation and interviews. Seven more recruitment meetings like this will be organized before the end of this year to offer more quality resources for graduating students.  

The Event is also attended by senior administers, including Vice President Wang Xiuyan, Vice President Liu Yong, Vice President Xu Baojie, Vice President Chen Gang, and Assistant to Vice President Luan Zhongquan.