CETV Interviews Wang Chuanliang for the 19th CPC National Congress

By Tue, 24 Oct 2017 GMT

Beijing, 24th October, 2017 (BISTU)— New Start New Journey, the feature report column of China Education Television (CETV) on Oct. 23rd interviews Wang Chuanliang, BISTU Chairman of University Council and covers the story of BISTU in implementing national strategy of innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting the strategy of “employment is the biggest issue concerning people's livelihoods”, and encouraging faculties and students to boost employment by entrepreneurship.  


“The fundamental job of higher educational institutions is to nurture talents. We have to attach even greater importance to employment and entrepreneurial choices of university students. It is necessary to extend channels and offer all around service. Guided by the national strategy of innovation and entrepreneurship, universities shall be able to encourage entrepreneurial choice of their students so as to promote employment of graduating students.” Wang Chuanliang says in the report.  

The report vividly shows BISTU’s effort in integrating students’ innovative spirit, innovative awareness, and innovative competence into their education by bringing the University’s academic strengths into full play. It introduces various measures that BISTU produces in recent five years to extend employment channels for students and to offer all around public services.