BISTU Class for International Affairs Management Opens

By Sun, 15 Oct 2017 GMT

Beijing, 14th October, 2017 (BISTU)— Opening ceremony of BISTU class for International Affairs Management, attended by Prof. Wu Jisong, Foreign Associate of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Vice President Xu Baojie, directors and deans of relating divisions, successfully completes. The ceremony is hosted by Vice President Chen Gang.

On behalf of BISTU, Xu Baojie extends sincere thanks to Academician Wu Jizong for his generous support and hard work dedicated to the Class. He points out that the Class is aimed at understanding of international affairs management from the perspective of international organizations and rapid improvement of students’ French proficiency. It is a substantial move of the University in implementing objectives of the 13th Five-Year Plan and in exploring how to nurture quality talents of applied learning with international awareness and international horizon. Xu Baojie hopes that all trainees cherish this opportunity to broaden their global horizon, improve the competence in global governance, and contribute to development of international organizations.

Prof. Wu Jisong is currently Director of China Research Center of Circular Economy at Beihang University. His rich experiences in international organizations, including Dean of School of Economics and Management, Special Assistant to Chairman of Beijing Olympic Games Bidding Committee, years of working for UNESCO, etc., enable him to be elected as Foreign Associate of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Following introduction to syllabi, faculties, and objectives of the Class, Wu Jisong says that in an era of globalization, China is in urgent need of a large quantity of young talents with solid foundation of both language skills and professional knowledge, international cooperative competence, and innovative capability. Construction of first-rate universities and first-rate disciplines requests that young people be equipped with broad international horizon and innovation awareness. They shall be familiar with international norms and rules and good at cooperation, communication and information procession among different cultures.

Dean Ren Weiping of School of Foreign Studies introduces basic information of the Class. It is the first time at BISTU that International Affairs Management Class (French) invites a number of external experts and select students from all over the university. It is also a try in nurturing students with international horizon, understanding international norms and rules, and owning excellent foreign languages and professional skills. From many candidates the Class finally selects 30 students attending modules like French (including committee French, writing, vocabulary applicable to international organizations, etc.), how to work for international organizations, common practice of international cooperation, organizing of Olympics and international cooperation, how to become a member of international organizations, etc.

Liu Xihan and Tang Weidong, representatives of the first Class extend thanks to BISTU for offering such a platform for improvement of competence and quality. They express that all students will cherish this precious opportunity, work hard, actively communicate with peers and faculties to improve competences, broaden international horizon, enhance social responsibility, and contribute to China’s growing role in international competition and cooperation.

 After the opening ceremony, Prof. Wu Jisong delivers the first lesson.