BISTU Holds Promotional Event for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Choice of College Students

By Sat, 30 Sep 2017 GMT

Beijing, 30th September, 2017 (BISTU)— BISTU promotional event for innovation and entrepreneurship of college students successfully concludes. The Event gathers 7 outstanding startups incubated by BISTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, aiming at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship education and boosting students’ competence in innovation, entrepreneurship, and running startups. The whole event is attended by Vice President Xu Baojie and Deputy Director Mi Jie of Academic Affairs’ Office.

Xu Baojie visits all projects exhibited and discusses relating information with managers and directors of the companies. He emphasizes that this event, as an event for promoting successful, outstanding achievements of BISTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, offers a well established platform for all schooling students to practice their innovative capabilities and show their courage. It is hoped that this platform will serve as an attraction for more students to join in as well as a banner for more outstanding startups to be known by outside world.

Presentations on products and corresponding technology applied are delivered by schooling and graduated students of BISTU, including Yu Chuyu, legal representative of Beijing Grum Technology and BISTU student enrolled in 2013, Zhang Tongqi, legal representative of Century School Dream Technology and BISTU student enrolled in 2012, Zhang Rongchao, senior manager of Beijing Enlightenment Sky Technology and BISTU student enrolled in 2014, Liu Chunxiao, senior management member of Yizhi 1079 Company and BISTU student enrolled in 2013, Yan Yuqi, General manager of Extreme Education and BISTU student enrolled in 2012, and Wu Zhengbuwei, General manager of Beijing Huifan Technology.

With regard to actual problem that BISTU students have fewer channels in their entrepreneurial choice, the Base for the first time builds a wechat group to gather all BISTU students with their startups as well as student who are interested in starting their own companies. Valuable information and services are offered in the group by BISTU. Those who in need of services or suggestions could turn to the group for help all day long. It will also serve as a bridge to connect entrepreneurs and resources.