BISTU Overseas Trip of Engineering Entrepreneurship Innovation and Culture Commences

By Sat, 30 Sep 2017 GMT

Beijing, 26th September, 2017 (BISTU)— The Summer holiday of 2017 is fading away, but still vivid are beautiful memories of 116 students who have attended BISTU Overseas Trip of Engineering Entrepreneurship Innovation and Culture.  

BISTU organizes 8 programs for summer overseas exchange and communication and gathers 116 students in Data Digging and Smart Business, English-Chinese interpretation and translation, extended specialty knowledge, etc. It is a record high in terms of the number of students attending overseas programs. 

In addition to program cooperation with University of Cambridge, University of California Irvine, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and British Columbia University, BISTU for the first time develops four programs with University of Cardiff, Boston University, Technische Universität Berlin, and Freie Universität Berlin to produce more learning opportunities for students to embark on their trip of engineering, entrepreneurship, innovation and culture. 

Featured for exploration, discovery and applied learning, the trip of engineering finds its destination in Cardiff University, a world top 100 institution with school of engineering tops its peers in Britain. Ten students from School of Information and Communication Engineering attend this two-week trip of Engineering. Students are informed and taught the knowledge in the area of mobile communication, microwave sensor, interdisciplinary applications, and challenges for future communication system. More than two thirds of the trip is conducted in labs. 

Measuring velocity of electrical motor made by BISTU students 

Visiting Brain Imaging Center at Cardiff University  

The trip of Entrepreneurship commences at Boston University. Future Entrepreneurs, the program run by Boston University, stands out with its feature in Entrepreneurship and focus on team work, brain storm, and qualities required in entrepreneurial choice. Students are offered a series of courses on entrepreneurship by Babson College and all are deeply impressed with the College's lively teaching, combination of academic knowledge and practical experiences, and inspiring examples. 

Business courses offered by Babson College 

In the classroom of Boston University  

Technische Universität Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin welcome 15 BISTU outstanding students from 10 schools for summer internship program covering understanding of Germany in the respect of politics, educational institutions and systems, humanities and geography. Truly it is a trip of culture. Students are also showed around Adlershof, the largest industrial zone of Germany to experience in person the attraction of environmental protection. Automatic production line of Berliner Kindle---the famous beer brand, together with Fraunhofer Institute--- one of leading research institutes of Germany in Industry 4.0, adds to the attraction of the culture program. 

In Technische Universität Berlin

Fraunhofer Institute welcomes BISTU Students  

Summer programs and trips to other countries, universities, and enterprises have offered fresh understanding of the world, culture, and new knowledge. It is an effective way to broaden horizon and feel different cultures. Says students who have attended the programs.  

Short term exchange and communication programs are one of the many tries that BISTU is doing for education globalization, says BISTU International Cooperation Department. More exploration will be conducted in these aspects to produce more opportunities for students and to truly benefit students with educational globalization.