Beijing Science and Technology Cooperation Center Delegation Visits BISTU

By Thu, 21 Sep 2017 GMT

Beijing, 21st September, 2017 (BISTU)— Beijing Science and Technology Cooperation Center delegation, led by Deputy Director General Zhou Xiaobai, Director Pan Weixiang of Department of Military-Civil Integration, and Deputy Director Ge Zhijie of the Department, visits BISTU for guidance of military-civil integration work at the University. The survey is hosted by Vice President Chen Gang.


Following his warm welcome to Zhou Xiaobai and delegation members, Chen Gang introduces BISTU faculties and staff attending the survey. Chen Gang expresses that BISTU has a long established tradition in military industry research and it remains one of BISTU's distinguished features. BISTU has been very well prepared for military research with high level outstanding achievements in the field of big data, inertial guidance, and optical fiber sensors. Currently the University is dedicated to constructing a teaching and research oriented university and has been dedicated to shouldering science and technology projects of Beijing and the nation. It is hoped that more support will be available from Beijing Science and Technology Cooperation Center to bring the innovative strength and academic advantages of universities into full play, actively participate in key projects of the Center, and to contribute to military-civil integration at Beijing.  

Deputy Director Cao Lin of BISTU Office for Scientific Research makes an introduction to basic information about BISTU, research achievements and progress, and development of innovative work on military-civil integration.  

Zhou Xiaobai positively comments that BISTU has achieved a lot in innovative work on military-civil integration. He offers an introduction to Beijing Science and Technology Cooperation Center's major responsibilities, construction of innovation platforms, progress of projects on military-civil integration, etc. 

Pan Weixiang and Ge Zhijie respectively introduce major responsibilities and work progress in Department of Military-Civil Integration, with explanation offered by engineers of the Center on the to-be-conducted innovation work of military-civil integration.  

The survey and meeting is also attended by Director Xing Jishou of Office for Scientific Research, Executive Vice Dean Tian Yangmeng of Research Institute for National Defense Science and Technology, Director Zhong Ling of Office for Industry and Business Assets Management, and Deputy Director Mu Jie of Office for Scientific Research.