Wang Chuanliang Conducts Survey and Research at Municipal Research Center for Opto-electronic Information and Instruments

By Fri, 22 Sep 2017 GMT

Beijing, 22nd September, 2017 (BISTU)—Municipal Research Center for Opto-electronic Information and Instruments of BISTU welcomes Chairman Wang Chuanliang of University Council, Vice President Chen Gang, Vice President Ma Qinghong, and Assistant to VP Luan Zhongquan for their Survey and research at the Center. Wang Chuanliang requests that university divisions and relating departments shall spare no efforts to serving faculties and research teams, supporting construction of innovative teams, and promoting better development of academic research at BISTU. Faculties and teams, when conducting research, shall consider connectivity between economy and science & technology and rethink how to better serve national development and construction of Beijing as four centers. The survey is aimed at obtaining extended understanding of education, research, team building and social service in the area of opto-electronic information and instrument and advancing academic research at BISTU to new levels. 


Wang Chuanliang and his delegation are informed of detailed information on establishment, growth, team building, latest research progress of Municipal Research Center for Opto-electronic Information and Instruments as well as prospect and bottleneck of the Center. Accompanied by Prof. Zhu Lianqing, Wang Chuanliang and delegation members are showed around the lab and attend seminars on research achievements and commercialization.  


Wang Chuanliang positively comments that the Center has achieved a lot in recent years and has played a leading role in research, discipline construction, and educational globalization. He highly praises the Center's contribution to BISTU and to development of society, science and technology, and economy. He points out that development of BISTU depends on efforts and innovation of these faculties who devote themselves to research. The super-normal development with leaps and bounds of BISTU requests more teams like the Center and a larger number of dedicated faculties. He hopes that the Center conducts further research on echelon building and continues to play a leading role in education and research. High level elite projects shall be the focus, together with innovation and commercialization of research achievements. It is expected that the Center is to become a major frontier for BISTU's double first rate construction. Meanwhile, he says that system and regime at the Center shall be perfected to promote disciplinary inspection work of the Party.  



Wang Chuanliang stresses that it is very important to choose the right direction and enhance cohesiveness of the team. BISTU is happy to have such an excellent teams and hopes to have more. He says that all divisions shall raise their awareness in serving innovation and research. The University will also offer conditions as convenient and good as possible for construction of discipline, academic teams, and research platforms.  


Positive confirmation from senior university administrators is both encouragement and stimulus. Says Zhu Lianqing. The Center will continue to contribute to the University and serve the University and social and economic development of Beijing with outstanding performances. He adds.. 

The survey delegation members include directors of relating divisions such as General Administration Office, Organization Department, Publicity Department, Office for Scientific Research, Human Resources Office, and Administration Office for Campuses.