BISTU and CBSPI Co-construct Teaching Research Base

By Thu, 21 Sep 2017 GMT

Beijing, 21st September, 2017 (BISTU)— Agreement signing ceremony between BISTU and China Brand Strategic Planning Institute (CBSPI) on co-construction of teaching and research base of brand program successfully completes at Xiaoying Campus. The Ceremony is attended by Chair of Borad of CBSPI Liu Zhenhua, Director of the Institute Wang Tongsan, and BISTU Chairman of University Council Wang Chuanliang and is hosted by Vice President Chen Gang.

On behalf of the university, Wang Chuanliang warmly receives the delegation of the Institute. Following his introduction to history, general information, achievements, and features and strengths in research and education, Wang Chuanliang expresses that under the new situation, BISTU is now guided by construction of five environments and construction of double first-rate programs. More efforts are paid to structural adjustment, promotion of reform, and quality development. The university is aimed at nurturing highly qualified talents of applied learning who are equipped with international horizon. During the 18th National Congress of the Party, President Xi Jinping has made a key statement that “made-in-China shall be turned into innovated-by-China, Chinese speed into Chinese quality, and Chinese products into Chinese brands.” Under the grand context of globalization, Chinese users are more rational with cognition of brands. It is the right time for both parties to construct brand program at the University.

Wang Tongsan briefly introduces establishment of the Institute, team building, relating research, and relating practices. He hopes that co-construction of the academic program of brand is more than simple inter-institution cooperation. It is expected to carry the expectation of a brand power and the demand of talents in the field of brand. He sincerely hopes that both institutions could share resources, implement cooperation agreement to details, and strengthen collaboration in respect of regulation communication, digitization of brand research, systematic teaching modules, value of education in brand, and brand image of the base.

The agreement of co-construction is signed by Wang Tongsan and Chen Gang on behalf of respective institutions. Liu Zhenhua and Wang Chuanliang unveil the Research and Teaching Base for Brand.

In his address, Liu Zhenhua says that joint efforts are required to achieve the goal of “made-in-China shall be turned into innovated-by-China, Chinese speed into Chinese quality, and Chinese products into Chinese brands.” Both institutions are highly responsible and will for sure accomplish this mission with satisfactory results. The agreement is a beginning from which more talents of brand field will be nurtured. It is expected that cooperation on co-construction of the base will be a mutual beneficial one for both institutions to contribute more to China’s brand development and brand education.  

The ceremony is also attended by Chief Supervisor Li Yongzhong and Deputy Director Cai Daying of China Brand Strategic Planning Institute as well as directors of relating BISTU divisions.