President Wang Yongsheng’s Address to Opening Ceremony for Fresh Students

By Thu, 07 Sep 2017 GMT

Dear students and faculties,  

September symbolizes beginning of the beautiful autumn, a wonderful season when we hold our opening ceremony to welcome all fresh students to BISTU. Hereby, on behalf of all BISTU faculties and staff, I extend my warmest welcome to you all! 

As you have noticed, BISTU is the only university in our country that is named with both science and technology. BISTU carries with new marks of the times as well as profound historical achievements. The past 80-years have generated the university motto: diligence in learning and honor for life. Numerous BISTUers have worked hard based on “diligence in learning” and “honor for life”. For scores of years, we devote ourselves to nurturing high quality talents of applied learning with strong hands-on skills, innovative spirit, and broad international horizon. We have a number of outstanding young entrepreneurial talents like Ji Yichao who have been chosen as cover story of Forbes. We have distinctive features in information and we are the first--- as of today still the only one among all municipal universities--- who has successfully built an A-share listed big data company. We believe that high level research could boost comprehensive strength of the University and have won 4 state-level science and technology awards in three successive years. We follow international frontiers and take the lead in advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence. Our robot football team has won 5 champions of medium-size group of RoboCup.  

Rapid development of science and technology symbolized by big data and artificial intelligence poses both new opportunities and fresh challenges for BISTU. The University will make new achievements while serving social economic development of the country. A new blueprint has been ready and we are to embark on a new journey. As your President, I would like to share the following thoughts with you.  

1  Choose to be ambitious and have the courage to shoulder responsibilities of the times  

President Xi Jinping, when observing China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) on May 3rd 2017, emphasizes that China’s future is the youth and the future of Chinese nation depends on the youth. Ideals, spirit and comprehensive qualities of the young generation represent vitality of national development and they also constitute substantial factors of core competitiveness of a country. Young men of modern times shall set their ideals as required by the times and be brave to shoulder historical responsibilities. They are expected to be diligent in learning, perseverant in life, and passionate in the course of growth.   

Our outstanding predecessors all take national prosperity as their mission. We are all enlightened by Fan Chongyan’s “Be the first to worry, be the last to enjoy”, Gu Yanwu’s “Rise and fall of a nation rests with every one of its citizens”, and Zhou Enlai’s “To Study for the Rise of China”. Ba Jin has said that “our country is yet an earthly paradise. However, it is the responsibility of each Chinese to build it into an earthly paradise.” In the course of realizing the Chinese dream of rejuvenation of Chinese nation, you shall “spend you youth in building a young and energetic country as well as an exuberant nation”. You must be ambitious and have the world in mind and then contribute yourselves to the grand course of socialist construction. Your life value will be finally achieved in the process of serving the society, devoting to the people, and rewarding the country.  

2  Solidify your theoretical foundation and hold onto scientific spirit   

“Seek truth from facts” is the core of scientific spirit and “forging ahead” is the life of scientific spirit. We are in need of scientific spirit, whether we are learning knowledge, or we are starting up our own businesses. You are the new generation growing up in information era and you all have the noble sentiments “You may have to endure whatever come may; Only don't forget songs and lands far away” as well as the passible to make greater achievements. However, in information era, revolutionary changes have happened to the way to exploration and accumulation of knowledge. Fragmented learning habit has become increasingly popular and we cannot afford to ignore it.  

However, science is still a systematic theoretical system and it has creativity, positivity, and its own logic. There is no way that you can get access to the truth only by obtaining fragmented information on the internet. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you are firm and indomitable in learning knowledge. You shall read extensively and intensively, with your courage and determination. During the following precious years, you shall train yourself comprehensively to bathe yourselves in the light of science.  

3  Fulfill the culture of diligence and honor and mold independent personality  

The purpose of higher education is to nurture human beings of noble qualities and strong competences with their personalities. It is not aimed at manufacturing standardized machines. BISTU offers you a platform to climb up and walk towards your ambition. It also gives you a place where you could understand the freedom of academic spirit and cultivate your independent personality---you are expected to control your words and actions based on independent thinking and judgment. Adherence to independent personality is to hold onto your ethics and values in real life, to strictly follow public interest in political participation, and to stick to logic thinking in the course of exploring the truth.  

The university is a place where students are educated with knowledge and at BISTU, the culture of diligence and honor is the earth for you to mold independent personality. You shall have critical thinking in learning rather than be obedient to authorities. In your work you shall be bold enough to make your own decision instead of depending upon others. In your life, you are to choose adamancy and whenever facing with failure you become stronger. Only when you have a life with independent personality will you be able to experience the beauty of life.  

Dear students, the bygones are bygones. College life is the most precious, the most valuable time of one’s life. I sincerely hope that all of you could cherish your time, devote yourselves to learning knowledge, and enjoy your best memories here on campus! 

Thank you all!  


September 6, 2017