Wang Chuanliang Conducts Peer Observation for New Semester

By Thu, 07 Sep 2017 GMT

Beijing, 5th September 2017 (BISTU)--- At the beginning of new semester, Chairman of University Council Wang Chuanliang, accompanied by directors of relating divisions, conducts peer observation on Contemporary and Modern Chinese History, an ideological theoretical course delivered by Chen Jiancheng, Associate Professor of School of Marxism. 

This session is the first class of Internet Media 1602 students for the new semester. Before the class time, Chen Jiancheng has already made PPT ready and full preparations. Starting from why students shall learn Contemporary and Modern Chinese History, what and how they are to learn, and what assessment methods are available, he shows the students an overall picture of this course, key point of learning, and methods of learning. Wang Chuanliang and other peer observation members listen to the lecture through to the end. 

After the class, Wang Chuanliang positively comments on the lecture and says that Chen Jiancheng has made very sound preparations. Withactive participation of students in class, it is one of the outstanding lectures of the university. Wang Chuanliang also holds talks with deans of School of Marxism to learn about ideological course and team construction. He points out that ideological and political courses at BISTU shall: implement the spirit of national and municipal conference on ideological teaching in higher educational institutions, strengthen guidance in education, and boldly explore teaching methods which are in compliance to the times and with their own features. Ideological and political courses at BISTU shall be more interactive and practical as well as to the liking of students. It is a must to guide students through the whole course and make them realize responsibility of the time and historical mission on their shoulders.