BISTU Students Shine in National University Students Computer Game Competition

By Fri, 01 Sep 2017 GMT

Beijing. September 1st 2017 (BISTU)--- CQUT Cup 2017 National University Students Computer Game Competition & China Tournament for Computer Game, held in Chongqing, witnesses outstanding performance of BISTU teams composed of students from School of Computer Science. 

Altogether 13 items of the Competition welcome 14 BISTU teams, who finally win two champions, two First Prozes,  three Second Prizes, and eight Third Prizes. In a chess Dots and Boxes item, a BISTU team, after winning champions in three successive years, is crowned the fourth championship. In Hex Game, BISTU Team surprisingly beats the champion of last year and win a gold medal. The Unibersity is honored with Award for Excellence in Organizing and four faculties win Supervisors of Excellence, i.e., Li Shuqin, Ding Meng, Meng Kun and Sheng Liguo. 

This competition is sponsored by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and Teaching guidance Committee of Computer Science of Ministry of Education and held by Chongqing University of Technology. This two-day event includes a number of popular items such as Chinese Chess, Go (Weiqi), etc. And it accommodates, with all 18 items, 245 teams composed of students from 30 universities of China.  

During the Competiton an academic seminar is also organized on 2017 CCDC machine games. Zhang Haoran, a BISTU student enrolled in 2014 in School of Computer Science,, as one of the representatives delivers his essay Research on Current Evaluation Function Based on LMS Algorithm.