BISTU Hosts the 7th International Conference on Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

By Sun, 27 Aug 2017 GMT

Beijing, 27th August 2017 (BISTU)--- BISTU welcomes over 340 experts and scholars from 130 organizations and institutions in China, America, Britain, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region attending the 7th International Conference on Nonlinear Mathematical Physics & the 14th National Workshop on Solitons and Integrable Systems hosted by the University in Beijing from August 18th to August 21st, 2017.  

International Conference on Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, a biennial academic event in the field of mathematical and integrable systems, offers a platform for experts and scholars to exchange and communicate the latest progress and development trends home and abroad and to explore nonlinear issues and corresponding solutions in relating fields.

BISTU Vice President Chen Gang addresses to the opening ceremony held on 19th August, extends congratulations to the event, and introduces development of BISTU.

Research Fellow Wang Shikun, researcher of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (AMSS) in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Member of Academic Committee of the Conference, reviews history of development of integrable systems in China, introduces current progress and achievements of this field, and encourages all researchers to work even harder to achieve breakthrough.

Prof. Qu Changzheng from Ningbo University, Chairman of Organizing Committee of the Conference, Member of Academic Committee of the Conference, and winner of China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, extend sincerely thanks to all participants of the event.


Zhang Xianguo, Director of Department of Science & Technology and Postgraduate Affairs of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, concludes in his address that positive progress and outstanding achievements has been made by BISTU. He particularly points out that BISTU for the first time is selected as a member of Programme of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities” (111 Project). And it is the only university among all universities supervised by Beijing Municipality who has been granted this honor. It is hoped that BISTU takes this precious opportunity to further enhance research competence and maintain academic links with experts and scholars.  

Following the opening ceremony, experts and scholars home and abroad deliver 84 seminar academic reports on Algebraic - geometric solutions, nonlinear mathematical physics, solitonic theory and its application, Riemann-Hilbert issue in integrable systems, superintegrable systems, discrete integrable systems, Peakon integrable systems, symmetry and algebra structure of integrable systems, Darboux transformation, Oddball solutions of nonlinear models, Bose-Einstein condensate, and optical solitons.

The conference is greatly supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, BISTU Office for Scientific Research, and BISTU School of Applied Sciences.

The opening ceremony is hosted by Prof. Xie Ruifeng, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference and Dean of School of Applied Sciences and attended by Prof. Xue Chunyan, Vice Dean of the School, and Prof. Hou Jicheng, Chair of Department of Mathematics Teaching of the School.