BISTU Team Crowned at North China Branch of the 6th National University Students’ Opt-Sci-Tech Competition

By Thu, 24 Aug 2017 GMT

Beijing, 23rd August 2017 (BISTU)---  Star Alliance, a team composed of Mo Weijing and Huang Jiaxing, two students from School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering, is crowned championship of Creative Work of North China Branch of the 6th National University Students Opt-Sci-Tech Competition.  


Two sections are established for the Brach, i.e., Creative Works and Real Practical Works. Star Alliance, supervised by Liu Lishuang, presents New Infrared Anti-counterfeiting Materials and Small-scale System for Anti-counterfeit Identification and the work stands out amongst peers.  

National University Students Opt-Sci-Tech Competition, sponsored by Chinese Optical Society and  Supervisory Committee of Electronics and Information in Higher Education of Ministry of Education and hosted by Optical Commission of Chinese Optical Society and Branch Supervisory Commission of Opt-Sci-Tech and Engineering in Higher Education of Ministry of Education, is a competition of creativity. This event is held every two years, starting from 2008. As of today, it has become the most influential national competition in this field.