VP Ma Qinghong Inspects Infrastructure Renovation Projects

By Fri, 18 Aug 2017 GMT

Beijing, 17th August 2017 (BISTU)---  Vice President Ma Qinghong, accompanied by relating directors, successively inspects infrastructure and facility renovation projects in Xiaoying Campus, Jianxiangqiao Campus, Jiuxianqiao Campus, and Qinghe Campus and extends thanks and solicitude to faculties and staff as well as workers of the projects.  


All 49 infrastructure renovation projects at BISTU this year are included in six major categories and are expected to complete within regulated time. Ma Qinghong specially invites Yang Wenbo, an official of Infrastructure Construction Department of Planning and Design Committee of Chaoyang District, to visit Jianxiangqiao campus. Yang Wenbo has offered valuable advice and suggestions on Café House to-be-constructed and on how to prepare for relating reports to governments. With regard to construction of parking apron on Jiuxianqiao campus, Ma Qinghong produces on-site suggestions and requests that relating divisions and schools shall further negotiate on details.  


On building sites, Ma Qinghong carefully listens to working reports delivered by person in charge of projects in difference campuses andlearns more about progress of projects. He emphasizes that scientific methods shall be taken into consideration and quality of projects shall be the first to consider. Also he tells faculties, staff, and workers on building sites to keep healthy working, prevent sunstroke, and keep in mind the quality of projects. And all projects shall reduce the noises generated as much as possible to lessen impact upon neighboring residents.  

Relating staff of Office for Infrastructure Construction and all projects express that they will work even harder and more harmoniously together to complete the renovation projects in different campuses in a timely manner. Meanwhile, quality will be guaranteed, plans will be fully implemented, and new, beautiful campuses will be ready for the coming new semester.