BISTU-supervised Team Wins Bronze Medal of North Chia Trials of 2017 World Robot Contest

By Thu, 03 Aug 2017 GMT

Beijing, 3rd August 2017 (BISTU)---  Yongfeng Branch of Middle School Attached to Tsinghua University welcomes contestants for North China Trials for 2017 World Robot Contest i.e. Haidian District Invitation Tournament of Robot Design for Teenagers. Yongtai Primary School Team, supervised by BISTU, attends the trials and wins a bronze medal. The Team will then attend MakeX Robot National Challenge. The BISTU-designed robot for the first time adopts dual-ball throwing structure, which earns an award for Best Industrial Design.

MakeX Robot National Challenge aims at training creativity of teenagers and guiding them to apply multidisciplinary knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to actual issues. Around 60 teams of primary and middle school students from North China attend this Challenge.  

MakeBlock, a leading platform of robot DIY, is applied to this Contest. In response to mutual-help scheme for universities and primary and middle schools around promoted by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, BISTU faculties Zhang Zhi and Wang Mike and students Kou Hanxing and Wang Wei supervise students of Yongtai Primary School. With joint efforts, robots are improved and perfected.  

From July 20th till the Contest, Yongtai Primary School Team comes to BISTU every day for training. Despite of hot summer and humming mosquitos, the training continues.  

The two days’ contest is very intense. In the first round, due to program issue, the robots cannot be started and thus lose the game. When the problem is solved, team members work very hard and finally enter the semi-finals with a bronze medal.

It is just one step to the Gold Medal. Although students and teachers are regretted that they have only won a bronze medal, they express that team members have learned a lot new skills and accumulated rich game experiences. They will continue to improve and perfect structure and programming to be even better prepared for the coming MakeX Robot National Challenge.