I-KID of BISTU Ranks Top Four in Humanoid Group of RoboCup 2017

By Mon, 31 Jul 2017 GMT

Beijing, 31st July 2017 (BISTU)---   Humanoid group of RoboCup 2017 welcomes I-KID, a BISTU team composed of undergraduates and postgraduates of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering. And I-KID successfully enters semi-finals and ranks top four of the whole group. It is also one of top 16 teams in 4vs4 regular contest.     

The 21st RoboCup Robot World Cup Competition is held in Nagoya of Japan from 26th July to 31st July 2017. It covers five groups, i.e., simulation, small sized, middle sized, standard platform, and humanoid. The humanoid group accommodates child, teenager and adult categories. Child category of humanoid group attracts 23 teams from famous universities of the world, including Phoban FootballClub composed of doctoral candidates from Université de Bordeaux and CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), CIT-Brains from Chiba University of Japan, MRL-HSL from QIAU of Iran, ZJUDancer of Zhejiang University, TH-MOS of Tsinghua University and SEU-UniRobot of Southeast University.  


All-round technology challenge section includes four items,  i.e., anti-shock, slope,  high jump, and ball throw.    Anti-shock item aims at testing robots' capabilities of resisting shock from external forces. It lays pretty high requirements on integrated structure, barycenter setup, and barycenter of robot in motion. Slope item request coordinated competences of robot in visual, motion detection, and implementation of motion.  High jump item tests mechanical structure and technology level of the system. It indicates that robots shall be able to provide timely response to emergency and contingency. Ball throw item examines visual judgment capacity and movement coordination competence. In all-round competition held on 28th July, I-KID successfully resists compact from a 70-cm high pendulum hammer.  

Humanoid robot covers a variety of disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, automation control, computer technology, etc. It requires that students shall have academic strength as well as strong hands-on competence. Also it requests that all students participating in the team have strong team spirit. I-KID members have made tremendous effort to improvement of visual algorithm, optimum step, control system update, etc. Based on the latest international standard, I-KID redesigns robot foots suitable for soft cotton lawns as well as recognition algorithm for football and goal. Within a short period of time, team members successfully complete comprehensive adjustment of the robots with a number of sleepless nights in Qinghe campus. Upon arrival at competition site they start to moderate the robots, which also lays solid foundation for their achievements.