BISTU Off-campus Ecucation in Jinggangshan on Ideological Construction

By Fri, 21 Jul 2017 GMT

Beijing, 20th July, 2017 (BISTU)--- “I have long aspired to reach for the clouds / And I again ascend Jinggangshan. / Coming from afar to view our old haunt, / I find new scenes replacing the old.” BISTU delegation led by Chairman of University Council Wang Chuanliang and President Wang Yongsheng visits Jinggangshan--- cradle of Chinese revolution to exchange and communicate with peers as well as to pay tribute to brave souls of martyrs who have devoted their lives to foundation of New China. The visit aims at implementation of the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s speeches and the spirit of national and Beijing municipal conference on ideological construction in higher educational institutions. It underscores that faculties and staff who are Party members would work even hard to enhance "the four consciousnesses" , i.e., the "consciousnesses of the ideology, the whole, the core and the line" must be promoted.  And BISTU’s construction of five environments shall be practically implemented to achieve super-normal and boosted development of the University.     


Seeking Origin of Courage  


Located in middle part of Luoxiao mountain, Jinggangshan has “ping”--- the large plain surrounded by mountains and “jing”--- the middle-sized flat ground. BISTU training is conducted in Jiangxi Executive Leadership Academy based in Ci-ping.    


Shortly after arrival at the Academy, BISTU holds opening ceremony for the training. Why we are here? What are we to learn and how? The thought-provoking questions are raised by Wang Chuanliang. Reviewing the past 96 years of glorious history of Communist Party of China, Wang Chuanliang says that the past is also a reality base for us to carry forward the cause pioneered by our predecessors and forge ahead into the future. Under new historical conditions, we need to respond to greater challenges prevent greater risks, conquer greater barriers, and solve greater conflicts.  

Currently, the University is on a particular phase of development. Bottleneck of development indicates that BISTU is facing with numerous challenges. We shall hold our beginners’ mind to march forward. “Jinggangshan is the cradle of Chinese revolution. We are here to find origin of our courage as well as the source and drive for us to make greater achievements.” Says Wang Chuanliang.    


Revolution in Jinggangshan 90 years ago not only kindles Chinese revolution but also gives birth to the great spirit of Jinggangshan which has been directing and guiding China’s revolution and construction toward one victory after another. Wu Fangning, Director of Department of Party History at Jiangxi Provincial Party School tells BISTU delegation that the spirit of Jinggangshan includes pursuit of the dreams, seek truth from facts, word hard to conquer barriers, and achieve victories with support of the people.    


Bitter sacrifice strengthens bold resolve  

Which dares to make sun and moon shine in new skies.     


On the following day, Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng lead the delegation to pay tribute, at Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery, to martyrs who have devoted their lives to foundation of the New China. All faculties and staff stand in silence, in green cypress trees and pine trees. Also the delegation visits monument, sculpture, and Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum. The following three days witness BISTU delegation members visiting quite a few educational spots in Jinggangshan.    




Two occasions have been very touching. On the occasion of revolutionary experience sharing, Ling Ningning and Zuo Ling share stories of their dads. Martyr He Gongwei, when giving away his life, has to walk over 100 stairs. The enemies would call his name for every step. He could have survived only if he had turned around or responded to the call. However, his choice is to give up the over 100 chances and sacrifices his life to the revolution without any hesitation. Applauses are resounding in the whole classroom. Also faculties and staff of Jiangxi Executive Leadership Academy offer a performance titled Revolution History is the Best Nutrition for CPC, which tells the story of revolutionary couple Wang Jingyan and her husband Zhang Chaoxie.    


Inheritance of revolutionary genes 


During the teaching, the host tells all BISTU faculties and staff present to draw out the Jinggangshan Spirit in their mind. Li Ning, Dean of BISTU School of Computer Science draws a picture of Jinggangshan decorated with cypress and pine trees, color ribbons and red flags. Guo Chuanyan, Chairlady of College Council of BISTU Marxism School comments that cypress and pine trees mean ever-lasting spirit of Jinggangshan and the ribbon is the bridge for us to carry forward the Spirit.     



The training also includes interview--- interaction forms such as dialogue, performance, and interview are arranged between BISTU faculties and staff and trainers to help enhance understanding Jinggangshan Spirit’s value of the times. “Throughout our life it is not possible for us to do many good deeds. However, our life is meaningful and valuable if we can do one thing better with our heart and soul.” Says Yang Jieru, one of the educated youths in 1960s, award winner of national educator of excellence, and national teacher of excellence.      


The host has asked all delegation members what they woud like to take away from Jinggangshan visit. The answer varies: a green bamboo, a handful of earth, etc. It is true that Jinggangshan has witnessed numerous heroes and ups and downs in the long history of Chinese revolution. And we have too much to memorize and to take with us. As Party members, the most important is to inherit and carry on Jinggangshan Spirit. As Ye Chao says, Jinggangshan spirit is like a bamboo, deeply rooted in rocks with great strength and powerful drive.    


The training successfully concludes on 15th July 2015 after paying tribute to Zeng Zhi, the late famous Party member. On the way back, BISTU delegation members still are excited about their training and exchanging their thoughts on the training, despite of the bumped and zigzagged road. Han Junyan, Chairman of School Council of BISTU School of Computer Science writes a poem to share his experiences and thinking of the training.    


During the whole process of training, all BISTU faculties and staff present are very serious and attentive. Just as Chairman Wang Chuanliang has emphasized on the opening ceremony--- Jinggangshan Spirit, across time and space, still has practical implications as of today. It is hoped that all BISTU faculties and staff would cherish this previous opportunity to inherit and carry forward Jinggangshan Spirit. BISTU will be even more determined and even more courageous to promote construction of five environments so as to achieve supernormal and boosted development of the University.    




The training is attended by BISTU Vice President Liu Xiaoyi, Vice President Chen Gang, Vice President Ma Qinghong, directors of some divisions, and deans/ chairmen of some schools.