Kickoff Meeting on 2017 Undergraduate Admissions Successfully Completes

By Wed, 12 Jul 2017 GMT

Beijing, 11th July, 2017 (BISTU)--- Xiaoying Campus of BISTU witnesses successful completion of kickoff meeting on 2017 undergraduate admissions attended by President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Feng Xiaochun, and directors of Admissions and Career Consultation Office and Office for Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision as well as all faculties and staff who have participated in 2017 undergraduate admissions. Vice President Xu Baojie hosts the meeting.

 BISTU in 2017 will recruit 2,730 undergraduate students from 30 provinces of China, in which first tire high school graduates will be admitted in 26 provinces, second tire high school graduates in 3 provinces and both first and second tier high school graduates in Beijing where external education, specialized education, and fair education projects are also implemented. The admissions will last from 10th July till 31st July 2017.    

Wang Yongsheng expresses solicitude to all faculties and staff working for 2017 admissions. In his address he points out that admissions deserve full attention of everyone involved. It is a matter of immediate interest of students and their parents as well as a matter of justice and fairness. The whole society is watching. He emphasizes that three issues shall be fully considered. The first is to strictly follow policies and rules to fulfill requested responsibilities. All faculties and staff working for admissions shall seriously study all relating policies and strictly follow norms and regulations as stipulated by the prospectus published. There is no “taking it for granted” and everyone shall take admission job very seriously as if it were the very first time doing this. It is a must to make sure that there is no omissions or negligence with every single section of the admission. The second is to keep to disciplines and no actions of crossing the line will be allowed. All guidance and guidelines published by Ministry of Education shall be fully implemented. And the third is that relating divisions shall fully collaborate to provide sound safeguard in logistics, technology and security so as to ensure successful completion of BISTU 2017 undergraduate admissions.  

Feng Xiaochun emphasizes that relating rules shall be strictly followed and supervision will be carried out through the whole process of admissions. All important issues shall be put on record and important documentation shall be double signed. Just, fair admissions of undergraduate students are a must for BISTU.  

Xu Baojie expects that all faculties and stuff relating to admissions 2017 carry forward the find traditions, enhance management, and strictly follow required procedures. He requests that admissions of undergraduate students in 2017 shall be completed without any error or omission.


Director Du Shizhi of Admissions and Career Consultation Office explains specific arrangements on 2017 arrangement. Director Niu Zhiying of Office for Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision organizes signing of letters of responsibilities.