Wang Yongsheng Conducts Research Survey with Marxism School and School of Media and Public Administration

By Fri, 07 Jul 2017 GMT

Beijing, 7th July, 2017 (BISTU)--- BISTU President Wang Yongsheng, accompanied by directors of relating divisions, conducts survey with Marxism School and School of Media and Public Administration.

Following the reports delivered by the two schools on history, disciplines and programs, team construction, academic research, teaching, and employment of graduating students, a seminar is held for communication between Wang Yongsheng and faculties. Information is provided on age, level of education, professional titles, conditions required for teaching, disciplines, and programs of the schools. 

Wang Yongsheng positively comments on construction and development of the two schools and says that they are playing irreplaceable roles in education, innovation of thinking and culture, and inheritance of fine traditional culture. He raises expectations upon the schools with regard to their future development: firstly, a right political orientation is a must. National conference on ideological education in higher educational institutions brings along new opportunities as well as new requirements for development of Marxism School and School of Media and Public Administration. It is then necessary for the two schools to hold onto right political orientation, clarify thinking on development, and be well prepared for research, publicity, and education. Secondly, development planning shall be rooted in consideration of actual situation. Based on orientation and features of BISTU, the two schools could locate their own academic pathways and find new break-through points to build up their own features. Thirdly, attention shall be paid to academic research and team construction. The two schools shall build a sound atmosphere for academic research, enhance motivation with research, enhance team building of academic research, and improve academic research quality and level. And fourthly, communication and collaboration is request for further development. In addition to inter-school communication and exchange within BISTU, the two schools shall also work and communicate with peer schools in other universities to seize new opportunities and develop themselves. 

Wang Yongsheng hopes that the two schools, with emphasis on development of BISTU and the student-centered principle, hold onto the objective of “all around healthy growth of students”, educate and guide students to correctly know about the world and the nation. Also the schools need to help students realize their responsibilities of the times and historical mission so that they will be inspired and contribute to super-normal, leap-and-bound development of BISTU.  

Administration, department chairs, and representatives of young faculties of the two schools attend the survey.