Wang Chuanliang Visits Students in Military Training

By Thu, 06 Jul 2017 GMT

Beijing, 6th July, 2017 (BISTU)--- BISTU Chairman of University Council Wang Chuanliang, accompanied by Vice Chairman Wang Xiuyan, Vice President Liu Yong, and directors of relating departments, visits students who are receiving military training at Yanqing training base. 

Wang Chuanliang holds talks with senior administration of the training base Zhou Yimin and Liu Wei and BISTU students and teachers to learn more about management of the base and training. On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang extends thanks to the training base and all teachers who have been staying together with students since beginning of the training. Wang Chuanliang points out that military training is a key form of patriotic education and national defense education. It teaches the students how to endure the hardships and to be hard-working. Successful completion of military training owes much to hard work and dedication of supervisors. It is hoped that all faculties and staff exercise strict self-discipline and shoulder the responsibilities. It is necessary to know more about emotional and actual needs of students to conduct everyday management in a sound way. Meanwhile, it is necessary to keep communication and exchange with the training base for successful completion of military training. 

Then Wang Chuanliang visits medical room, dorms, and dinning hall of the training base. After learning about health conditions of students, preparations in medical room, and other relating information, he tells that medical security shall be a key point to military training and the team shall make sure that students could receive effective treatment when sick. In the dorm, Wang Chuanliang and the students talk about safety awareness and mutual help in the training. Hardship is a treasure to one’s life. The military training provides an excellent opportunity for students to train themselves and to endure hardship. In the future students will benefit tremendously from the military training. Says Wang Chuanliang.  

The training base for this period of time accommodates 2,519 BISTU students supervised by 23 faculties and staff. In addition the University also arranges 25 student assistants. During the training, interconnectivity is established between the training base, students, and officers. Focusing on self -education and self -management, the military training constructs an atmosphere of excel in performances.  

Guo Yinhui, Director of Students’ Affairs Office, makes a report on basic information of the military training.