BISTU Farewell Party for Graduating Students Volunteering to Work in Xinjiang

By Mon, 03 Jul 2017 GMT

Beijing, 3rd July, 2017 (BISTU)---BISTU farewell part for graduating students who volunteer to work in remote areas of Xinjiang pays tribute to graduating students Wang Zhidan, Dai Qing, Li Yong and Hu Changxun. The ceremony, attended by Vice President Wang Xiuyan and Assistant to VP Lin Guoce as well as Admissions and Career Consultation Office Director Du Shizhi, Office for Student Affairs Director Guo Yinhui, vice deans of relating schools, and class tutors, is hosted by Director of Office for BISTU Alumni Association Zhao Xiaolin. 

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Xiuyan extends warm congratulations to the give students and thanks to their parents. She points out that the farewell party is also a symbol of deepened relations between students and faculties. She expects that firstly students shall be better prepared physically and psychologically to overcome all possible difficulties that they would encounter and actively localize themselves. Secondly, they shall learn from local officials and other predecessors who have worked there so as to make perfect career plans for themselves. And thirdly, BISTU is the strongest backup for all students. In case of any problems in projects, BISTU is always ready to help and support. It is a mission of honor and hardship. She hopes everyone would contribute to their best and would not regret their choices.  

Following congratulations to successful completion of their studies at BISTU, Lin Guoce welcomes the give students to join BISTU Alumni Association. He hopes that students, when working in remote areas of the country, could make better use of opportunities and platform there to contribute to local development and to establish better image for BISTU. He expresses that BISTU is always home to all alumni and the Association is their listener and harbor.  

Du Shizhi introduces relating information on working in remote areas of Xinjiang and encourages them to cherish these opportunities to realize their dreams and to contribute to development of the whole country.  

The five students, in their speeches, express their gratitude and reluctance to leave BISTU. They have decided to make contributions to development of these remote areas and reward the society with what they have learned at BISTU.  

Students are also highly praised and warmly blessed in speeches by Vice Dean Zhang Yan of School of Electromechanical Engineering, Vice Dean Chen Hongying of School of Automation, Vice Dean Cui Kai of School of Economics and Management, and tutors. 

Souvenirs are presented by Wang Xiuyan and Lin Guoce prior to group photo ceremony.