Alumni Will Always Be with You

By Thu, 29 Jun 2017 GMT

Beijing, 29th June, 2017 (BISTU)—BISTU Alumni Association holds a welcome event for graduating students to send congratulations on their successful completion of studies and to welcome them to the Association.  

Five sections are established in this event. Graduation Blessings starts from June 15th. A time capsule is put on No.1 teaching building of Xiaoying Campus where students could write down their blessings, expectations, and wishes for the future. With their name tags on it, Alumni Association will keep these well and open them when alumni come back for reunion. Photos of Graduation contains all graduation photos of graduating students this year. Smiling faces of each student and group photos are stored on electronic machines of the campuses for students and alumni to recall their happy days. Graduation Memories includes badges carved with “diligence and honor in life” and crystal souvenirs for alumni. Graduation Neighborhood offers consultant service provided by alumni in respect of entrepreneurial choices and public welfare services which collect books or stationaries for those in need. And Graduation Inheritance aims to provide a mobile BISTU library for all graduating students in 2107.