Vice President Chen Gang Conducts Investigation in Schools

By Mon, 26 Jun 2017 GMT

Beijing, 26th June, 2017 (BISTU)—Vice President Chen Gang, accompanied by staff of Office for Scientific Research, successively conducts investigation in 11 schools and research institutes on research work in these institutions and hosts seminars with leadership and faculties for in-depth advice and suggestions.

Heads of schools and institutes respectively introduce their history, team construction, research platform construction, status quo of their researches and achievements that they have made so far. Also they analyze opportunities and challenges with which their researches are facing and produce some suggestions for further improvement of research work. 

Following reports by schools and research institutes on their work, Chen Gang positively confirms the achievements that they have made in recent years and pays tribute and extends thanks to schools and institutes, particularly researchers and faculties working hard on frontline.  

Chen Gang points out that research is shouldering the responsibility of nurturing high-end talents, supporting discipline construction, improving education level and serving social economic development. Research at BISTU shall center on construction of five environments and construction of a high level teaching and research oriented university with distinct feature of information technology, strengthen team building of researchers particularly leading talents and excellent teams. It is also necessary to enhance planning and guidance of research orientations, keep a foothold on key demand of development of Beijing and the nation, focus on frontier technologies, and locate new growth point for research. At the same time, coordination of internal resources and strengths is required to promote construction of grand teams and grand platforms so that more key, high level projects will be accessible. Coordination of production, learning and research is equally important to promote commercialization of research achievements. An open mind and cooperation is also necessary in joint construction of research platforms and bases so as to enhance globalized education at BISTU. Of course, service is to be strengthened to provide, as much as possible, necessary environment and conditions for researchers.

With regard to suggestions and advice produced during the investigation, Chen Gang requests Office for Scientific Research to ponder over these points and to produce reasonable solutions as soon as possible.