【Graduation】BISTU Graduation Ceremony 2017 Successfully Completes

By Wed, 28 Jun 2017 GMT



Beijing, 28th June, 2017 (BISTU)—BISTU campuses are filled with joy of harvest as well as sentimental mood of saying goodbye to each other. In this June, 371 postgraduate students, after three years of hard working, are to receive their master degrees, together with 1,925 undergraduate students who have dedicated to learning and experiencing at BISTU in the past four years. BISTU Xiaoying Campus witnesses successful completion of graduation ceremony 2017 for postgraduate and undergraduate students and degree awarding ceremony to celebrate their achievements and send them best wishes prior to their embarking on a new journey. The ceremony, hosted by Vice President Wang Xiuyan, is attended by the whole senior administration of BISTU, deans of schools, and representatives of supervisors, faculties, tutors, class supervisors, and parents.      




Wang Chuanliang, BISTU Chairman of University Council announces name list of “Top Ten BISTU Pioneers in 2017” and presents certification of honor. It shall be noted here that Yang Feiyong, one of the top ten pioneers, successfully raises enough funds for Huadong Primary School of Guizhou Province to build a platform for national flag and a broadcast station with the help of all BISTU students and faculties. Wang Chuanliang passes a red, shining national flag to Yang Feihong and says that he hopes the flag could arrive at Huadong Primary School as early as possible.    


President Wang Yongsheng addresses to the ceremony following the solemn national song singing. After recalling life and learning in the past four years and congratulating students on their outstanding achievements, Wang Yongsheng says that “those achievements represent your hardworking in the past. Yet your bright future will only come along with constant dedication to your dream.” He hopes that all students shall hold fast to their dreams and win success with diligence and devotion. He mentions Prof. Zhang Fuxue, an outstanding researcher of BISTU that “dream of the youth lies in firm belief and success and glory is based on your sureness. Your future success requires you not only to look up into the sky but also stand on solid ground.” He tells the students to cherish every moment in life to make every day effective and happy. Chen Haitao, a student from School of Economics and Management and now a Ph.D. candidate at Beijing Institute of Technology, has made excellent performance in learning, research, and social activities. Wang Yongsheng uses Chen Haitao as an example to illustrate that youth is to be invested wisely, not to be spent foolishly. Everyone shall be brave in shouldering responsibilities. Yang Feihong from School of Economics and Management has led teams, for many times, to conduct public service activities in Guizhou Province and has successfully raised 100,000 Yuan to build a road for local students to go to school.  It is necessary for all to learn from experiences of Yang Feihong, to think about how young people could follow tide of the times to become qualified socialist builders and successors in the process of China’s accelerated social economic development and deepened reform.  Says Wang Yongsheng.    


Vice President Xu Baojie announces the decision of awarding degrees to postgraduate and undergraduate students. Vice President Feng Xiaochun announces the University’s decision on granting awards to excellent graduating students who have decided to work in Xinjiang and Xizang. Representative of graduating students presents souvenir--- a sculpture of a running horse symbolizing success. On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng accept the gift.   


In the form of poem reciting with beautiful songs, 6 graduating students wave goodbye to Alma Mater and extend gratitude to teachers. “Wherever we are/ a big tall tree/ or little grass on the lawn/ We extend our blessings to you, to all friends/ with a life of green and hope/ for an even better tomorrow of BISTU”.   





To show respect and pay tribute to teachers and carry forward the fine traditional of respecting teachers and honoring education, students’ unions of postgraduates and undergraduates start an election of “I love my teacher” and in the end ten “most favorite teachers” are elected. On the ceremony representatives of graduating students present bouquets to the ten teachers. And Vice President Han Qiushi offers association flag to 2107 session of BISTU alumni association.    



On the ceremony, Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng award degree certificates, one by one, to all graduating students.      


Smaller-scale graduation ceremonies will be held in each school after completion of this university-level graduation ceremony.