【Graduation】President Wang Yongsheng Address to BISTU Graduation Ceremony 2017

By Wed, 28 Jun 2017 GMT

Dear faculties, dear parents, and dear students,  

Good morning!  



BISTU campuses are filled with joy of harvest as well as sentimental mood of saying goodbye to each other. Today, with expectations of your family and entrusted by BISTU, 371 postgraduate students, after three years of learning and research, are going to be awarded master degrees and 1,925 undergraduate students who have dedicated to learning in the past four years will be granted bachelor degrees. Before you embark on a new journey, I want to say that I am more than happy for your achievements. Glory of the moment is yours as well as that of your family and all faculties and staff at BISTU. I would like to invite the warmest applause from all audiences to congratulate graduating students for their successful completion of studies and to pay sincere tribute to all families and teachers who have selflessly supported and care about you! 

Upon graduation, it is a time to recall the past when you and BISTU together grow up, witness development and make achievements. As a teacher, I very much understand that you complain about the “not-information” at Beijing Information Science and Technology University. For many time, you complain about tasteless foods in canteens, the never-ending queue in front of the library, and the ever-lasting hope for air-conditioners in the halls. As the President, I see in your complaints the status quo as well as the future of BISTU. Also I see what needs to be improved here. We are all BISTUers. Only with our joint effort will we be able to turn BISTU into an ideal place.  

In the past years that we have shared, to achieve the objective of super-normal development with leaps and bounds, BISTU converges wisdom of all students, faculties and staff to raise the strategy of “construction of five environments” and establish the goal of constructing “a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology”. For construction of elegant, smart and comfortable spatial environment, the University raises funds via various channels to allocate new housing for 329 young teachers and equip 2,211 dorms with air conditioners. More inspiringly, substantial progress has been achieved with construction of the new campus. In three years, a modern university campus with international standard, global horizon and Beijing style will be there to welcome all of you back. To construct a school-running environment with distinctive features and in favor of innovation, the University adjusts discipline structure, optimizes programs, and takes the national lead in establishing two undergraduate programs, i.e., Data Science and Big Data Technology and Robot Engineering. The University sees growth of a number of students’ innovation teams represented by Water Robot Football, UAV key technology research team, Smart Energy car team, etc. Education of innovation and entrepreneurship at BISTU is actually on frontier of all universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. To construct an educational environment centered on students and focusing on all around development of students, the University is the earliest to lift the limit on program transfer and open labs to all students. Employment rate of BISTU students remains leading among peer institutions. And starting salary of our students is also much higher compared to our national ranking. More importantly, postgraduate students have actually held up half of the sky in research at BISTU. Rough statistics shows that only in 2017 470 journals have been published with our students as the first authors, of which 171 are included in three major academic indexes SCI, EI and ISTP and 14 patents have been approved. To construct a governance environment of harmony, stability, order and vitality, we are in the first cohort among peer institutions who have published University Statutes, announced a number of documentation to encourage team construction, professional title evaluation, and research management, and enjoyed stable progress in all academic indexes. To construct an emotional environment which advocates diligence, honor and collaboration, the University promotes the culture of diligence and honor and elects our own People of Diligence and Honor and Campus Pioneers including both faculties and students. With our diligence, friendliness, self-confidence and struggle, we build up the soul of BISTU and encourage all BISTU students to move forward.  

The past achievements represent hard work done. With constant dedication we can paint a brighter future. We are full of enthusiasm and will spare no effort. On the moment that you are to walk out of BISTU, I have too many words to say. I sincerely hope that you will bear in mind our motto: diligence in learning and honor for life, and that you hold fast to your dreams, shoulder your responsibilities and that you are proud of being a BISTUer.  

Firstly, hold on to your dreams and win success and glory with your diligence.  

President Xi Jinping has said that “young people need to boldly assume the heavy responsibilities that the times imposes on you, aim high, be practical and realistic, and put your youthful dreams into action in the course of realizing the Chinese Dream of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” Youth dreams are precious in that it is stable and it is in our life. It holds us up when meeting difficulties and keeps our mind clear when the world is confusing. A successful person in the future shall not only look into the sky but also be able to win success and glory with diligence and endurance.  

Prof. Zhang Fuxue, outstanding alumnus of BISTU and nationally famous scholar in sensor technology, has devoted all his life to research. After graduating from Yunnan University in 1961, Prof. Zhang has decided to repay his motherland and in the following 50 years he has done what he said. With his five awards of national level, 7 awards received in the Great Hall of the People, and 44 approved patents, Prof. Zhang has contributed greatly to national defense. The only hobby of Prof. Zhang is staying at the Lab. Even when he has retired years and is not good in health, he still goes to the lab once a day. It is his firm belief of loving and rewarding his country that helps build up his honorable, fruitful life.  

“Success depends on devotion and achievements rely on diligence”, as say the Book of History. Without ambition you cannot walk far; without diligence you will achieve nothing. It is expected that you are determined, diligent, and perseverant in your life so that you will be grow up to be top professionals of your industries.   

Secondly, cherish your time and make your life effective and happy.  

“So many deeds cry out to be done,/And always urgently; /The world rolls on, /Time presses. /Ten thousand years are too long, /Seize the day, seize the hour!” Says Mao Zedong in his poem. Time is the most valuable asset of one’s life. Management of the limited time will not only add to the length of your life but also the depth. Dear students, you are now richest in terms of the time you own, though you probably are yet to realize that. However rich you are, you cannot afford to let time slip from your fingers. During the past years, you might have played a lot on your smart phones to avoid boring lecturers. Did you notice that your schoolmates are seizing every moment to learn in library and labs?  

Here is one of such schoolmates. While at BISTU, he works very hard and participates in a number of state level projects. He has travelled to many provinces, like Sichuan, Qinghai, Guangdong, to conduct on-site investigation and adjustment of equipment. He has published 7 journals, one of which is included in EI. With his numerous honors and scholarship, he is also the assistant to class supervisor. Now he is a Ph.D. candidate at Beijing Institute of Technology. And he is Chen Haitao, a postgraduate student of School of Economics and Management. His experience verifies what Jim Ross, the American psychologist, has said: a smart time manager could make him cover all aspects in life effectively; they are more focused on how to improve productivity by folds.  

Youth is to be applied to struggle not only to enjoy. Your present is to be used in working not in leisure. Your time is to be cherished not wasted. I hope that all of you learn how to cherish time and manage your life and make every second of your life wonderful and meaningful!  

Thirdly, be brave to should responsibilities.  

Liang Qichao has said that a family will be ruined if none of the members could should their responsibilities. A nation would fall if people give up their responsibilities. And the world will end if all give up responsibilities. Peaceful development and prosperity of a country as well as world peace depends on responsibilities shouldered by youth. Responsibility shows grand morality of a nation and presents powerful strength to inspire people. A hero who can should responsibilities is a true hero. When the young generation have dreams and are brave to should responsibilities, the whole nation could see a brighter future.  

Just sitting beside you is a special undergraduate student who humbly calls himself as an “inferior student”. In the past four years, he has been responsible for class activities and public service activities in Guizhou Province. To actually contribute to his hometown, he leads his team, for many times, in a public welfare activity named “Here in Guizhou Find Your Hope” and raises 100,000 Yuan to build a road for students in there. CCTV has produced a feature report on this. In addition, he has been honored with a number of awards of municipal level and university level. Public welfare, for him, is not merely sending food and clothes to remote areas and then saying goodbye. It is a habit. He hopes to help his hometown with strengths of the whole society. Now please allow me to introduce him to all of you: Yang Feihong from School of Economics and Management.  

We are in a peaceful period. Chances are rare that we need to devote to national defense. However, it remains a topic of the times whether college students can become qualified socialist constructor and successor and whether you can follow the tide of the times.  

Dear students, you spend the most beautiful four years here at BISTU, together with your dreams and stories carved on each flower and each leaf on campus. Now you are to embark on a new journey, with expectations of Alma Mater and teachers. Wherever you are, the Alma Mater is your harbor to stay and BISTU always is happy to welcome you back home. 

I sincerely send my best wishes to all of you for your bright future and happy life! 

Thank you all.