【Graduation】Fund Raising for Huadong Primary School by Student Party Members

By Thu, 22 Jun 2017 GMT

Beijing, 22nd June, 2017 (BISTU)—Pioneer Navigation, a student Party member team of BISTU, initiates fund raising for Huadong Primary School of Guizhou Province and is actively supported and funded by all BISTU students and faculties, despite of the heavy rain on the day.


Located in Zhijin Prefecture of Guizhou Province, Huadong Primary School was established in 1963 and is the most remote school with very limited conditions for education of children who have to walk miles in mountains. When it rains, the road is barely safe enough for walking. Yang Feihong, one of Top Ten Pioneers of BISTU and a student of School of Economics and Management, has done his volunteer teaching here in 2015. He and other volunteers have raised 100 thousand Yuan to build a road to the school for the kids. Now before graduation, he hopes to raise more funds to build a platform for national flag there and to set up a simple broadcast station.  

Pioneer Navigation thus initiates this fund-raising activity. On the day, it rains very hard. However, the light of hope penetrates the heavy rain. And BISTU students and faculties selfless contribution to the activity shines in the rainy day. 


The student Party members say that a little spark kindles a great fire. Each individual, though possible weak in strength, could contribute to converge their strengths together. Love is boundless. A little contribution here could be a light of hope for children in the School. We could do what we can to keep the light shining.