Back to Alma Mater Thirty Years Later

By Sat, 24 Jun 2017 GMT

Beijing, 24th June, 2017 (BISTU)— Thirty years after graduation, 70 alumni of BISTU Mechanics 8401 and 8402 and Electricity 8401, from every corner of the country, celebrate their reunion at Xiaoying Campus. The whole campus is filled with joy and happiness of reunion. Celebration ceremony is attended by alumni, Lin Guoce, Assistant to VP and Vice Chairman of BISTU Alumni Association, faculty representatives Li Shuxian, Zhao Gang, Deng Shikai and Lu Rugui and is hosted by Executive Secretary of Alumni Association Zhao Xiaolin. 

On behalf of BISTU senior administration, Lin Guoce extends warmest welcome and most sincere greetings to all alumni. Following his introduction to achievements of BISTU in the past thirty years by adhering to the motto “diligence in learning and honor for life”, he also introduces alumni activities and work of the alumni association. He sincerely hopes that alumni could sit together to recall the old happy days and to look into the future. Alma Mater is the eternal spiritual home to all alumni and the Association is the bridge. On its pathway to a bright future, BISTU is always in need of love and care of alumni.  

Alumni representative Chen Yuhai in his speech extends thanks to BISTU and the Association for hosting the grand reunion ceremony and to university leadership, teachers and schoolmates for sparing time to attend the reunion. Alumni representative Wang Chuanguang particularly writes a scroll saying “Thirty years’ loving kindness, eternal love for students enrolled in 1984” to present as a gift to Alma Mater. Beautiful flowers are presented to teachers by alumni. The University has prepared gifts for alumni: a badge set carved with “diligence and honor in life” to commemorate reunion at BISTU to indicate a life-long memory and love.

After the group photo, a seminar is held for alumni and hosted by alumnus Li Ruiping. Reunion after thirty years sees alumni talking to each other in excitement and they recall the old, happy days when they were still studying at BISTU. Specifically, 12 alumni who are now 6 couples are invited to tell their love stories and receive blessings from all alumni and the University for their everlasting love. Dinning at university canteen brings all alumni back to their glorious past.