Dialogue on Key Project of Beijing Municipal Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning hosted at BISTU

By Fri, 16 Jun 2017 GMT


Beijing, 16th June, 2017 (BISTU)—Dialogue discussion on Research on Issues Relating to Enhancing Self-confidence in Culture with Chinese Characteristics, a Key Project of Beijing Municipal Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning taken by Prof. Zhao Ailing, is held at Beijing Academy of Social Sciences and attended by Director General Cui Xinjian of Beijing Municipal Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Office, Director Xiao Shibing of Planning Department, BISTU Vice President Chen Gang, Director Xing Jishou of Office for Scientific Research and Deputy Director Cao Lin as well as Prof. Wu Qiantao from Tsinghua University, Prof. Qin Xuan from Renmin University of China, Prof. Cao Gang from Renmin University of China, Vice President Yang Kui of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, and Zhu Huadong, Director of Research Department of Beijing Municipal Association of Ideological Research.



Chen Gang addresses to the dialogue on behalf of BISTU. He firstly extends thanks to representatives attending the conference and to Beijing Municipal Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning Office for guidance and support with BISTU in researches on social sciences. He points out that universities are very important bases for inheritance of human civilization and dissemination of advance culture. It is an important step for a university to conduct a key project of Beijing Municipal Philosophy and Social Sciences Planning. Guidance and support of the expert committee is highly appreciated. He also requests the project team attach great importance to the project and be well prepared for further research. BISTU will attach greater importance to research of philosophy and social sciences and coordinate with all relating parties to make progresses. Says Chen Gang.




Zhao Ailing delivers a report of the project on background, general guideline, research framework, research methodology, research plan, and current progress. And experts and scholars conduct discussion on research objectives, research content, research methodology, expected achievements, and specific requirements of the project, following briefing of content and progress of sub-projects by relating professors.    


Cui Xinjian remarks on the dialogue that the issue of self-confidence in research of culture with Chinese characteristics is an invaluable topic. It is hoped that the team will more often consult expert committee and focus more on core issues. Empirical methods are necessary to draw reasonable conclusions. The research plan could be improved based on detailed and patient survey. He hopes that the team could finally make research achievements with both practical implications and valuable reference for decision-making so as to better serve social and economic development of Beijing and of the nation.

Prior to the dialogue, Chen Gang and BISTU delegation visit Wang Xueqin, President of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences and Vice President Yang Kui and explore feasibility of cooperation between BISTU and the Academy.