Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation Accredited by CEEAA

By Fri, 16 Jun 2017 GMT

Beijing, 16th June, 2017 (BISTU)—BISTU’s program Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation successfully passes accreditation by China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA), together with 204 engineering programs (of total 240 engineering programs at universities nationwide) in other universities of China, as is shown in announcement of Ministry of Education and CEEAA. It is BISTU’s first accredited program in mechanical field. 



Engineering education accreditation is a key move in advancing reform on engineering education at higher educational institutions of China and an important system of globalization of engineering education. From 21st to 24th October 2016, expert committee of CEEAA conducts comprehensive, on-site inspection of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation in the form of documentation checking, seminar, class observation, inspection of labs, etc.

Engineering education accreditation is an internationally accepted mechanism for quality assurance of engineering education. It also lays important foundation for mutual recognition of engineering education in China and that in other countries as well as engineer qualification in China and that in other countries. To establish a Chinese characteristic engineering education accreditation system which is equivalent to international system, Ministry of Education, as early as in March 2006, has established CEEAA expert committee and secretariat of CEEAA, published accreditation standard, and conducted pilot accreditation in June 2007 when application to joining Washington Accord is submitted. On June 2nd 2016 CEEAA officially becomes a member of Washington Accord. Graduates from accredited programs, when working overseas, will be treated equally as graduates from universities in other countries.  

Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation is one of the earliest programs at BISTU. With its brand and strength, the program enjoys sound reputation and notability. The program has nurtured over 5,000 undergraduates, a large number of whom have become general engineers, general managers, professor and experts contributing tremendously to development of manufacturing industry in China. For years, the program has been reforming and updating to meet market demand and has now become a program with integration of mechanics, electronics, and information technology to nurture innovative talents with hands-on skills of applied learning.  

School of Electromechanical Engineering says that the School will continue to hold onto “student centered” principle to perfect quality tracking and feedback system, enhance engineering practice and innovative competence, and improve quality of engineers. In the following five years, the School aims to build top ranking program of Beijing Municipality, dedicate to following Made in China 2025 strategy, and construct first class base for new types of engineers. Also the school will create cross-disciplinary system to integrate mechanical and electrical technology, smart control, internet and big data, etc., to nurture quality engineering talents who are capable of solving complicated engineering technological problems with innovative capabilities. Of course, the School will also open itself to the world and, based on current ministerial level key labs and model teaching centers, construct nurturing and academic exchange base for talents of international smart control. The ultimate objective is to build this program into a leading brand in the field of smart manufacturing.