Wang Yongsheng Hold Talks with Top Ten BISTU Pioneers

By Sat, 24 Jun 2017 GMT

Beijing, 22nd June, 2017 (BISTU)— BISTU Xiaoying Campus celebrates the talks, hosted by President Wang Yongsheng, with 2017 Top Ten BISTU Pioneers. The talks, themed on “love with alma mater and passion for the future”, focus on inheritance of university motto, innovation and entrepreneurial choice, and inspiration of the times. The talks are attended by Vice President Xu Baojie, directors of relating divisions and supervisors and hosted by Guo Yinhui, Director of Students’ Affairs Office.  

Firstly the talks are shown videos of life and learning of BISTU top ten pioneers. In the videos they convey thanks to BISTU and to their teachers for kindness and warmth and extend best wishes to schoolmates. Wang Yongsheng presents red apples carved names of each student, symbolizing peace, happiness, harvest, and blessings.  

Time flies and love stays. Wang Yongsheng says that he expects all to say what they want to, contribute to the alma mater, and share with schoolmates their experiences and stories.  

Chen Haitao, a postgraduate student from School of Economics and Management says that the biggest harvest at BISTU is the opportunity ofjoining a team with strong academic research spirit and become a member of Zhang Jian’s team, which enables him to better combine theory with practice. He is going to continue his Ph.D. research at Beijing Institute of Technology. He suggests that students, when studying master courses, choose an appropriate research pathway and devote to research as early as possible. Li Zongxian from School of Automation, with his dedication to academic research, has interned in national key lab of Tsinghua University for half a year and published two journals on academic conferences home and abroad, in addition to scores of awards of national level. He says that it is necessary to join project team for research purpose. Wang Yongsheng positively comments their achievements and feedbacks and expresses that the University will try best to construct platforms for students with research interests and potentials. It is also an important pathway for transformation of the University. 

Wang Renyu from School of Information Management actively participates in entrepreneurial practice and leads him team in development of mart stent robot. He shares his stories of starting up his own company at BISTU. With regard to questions raised by Wang Yongsheng, such as “is your company still an idea or has it been in practice? Where is the fund from? What role do you play in the company? Is your company related to your major?”, Wang Renyu produces satisfactory responses. Wang Yongsheng comments that “Widespread Entrepreneurship and Innovation does not mean that everyone will have their own innovative startups. Rather, it implies a way of thinking. Entrepreneurial education is actually the education of entrepreneurial spirit. The University will not only provide hardware support but also focus on education of students’ entrepreneurial and innovative awareness.”  

Yang Feihong from School of Economics and Management has conducted volunteer teaching in remote area of Wumengshan in Guizhou Province. He successfully raises 100,000 RMB Yuan to build a road to the school where he was teaching, which has been reported by CCTV. He sincerely hopes that every BISTU student, wherever they are, shall remember BISTU in mind and heart. “It is an eternal topic for a university to converge loves and pass on spirit. We shall work more on our history and spiritual fortune to make them part of BISTU culture.” Says Wang Yongsheng.    

Other pioneers, such as Guo Yi and Shi Xiaoqian, also contribute to the talks with their valuable suggestions. They provide wonderful ideas on perfection of the university in respect of social practice, discipline construction, management, etc., and extend their most sincere wishes.  

Talking to these BISTU students of excellence, Wang Yongsheng says: “BISTU owes you thanks for your excellent achievements, of which the University is tremendously proud. It is sincerely hoped that you all could carry with you the University motto ‘diligence in learning and honor for life’ as well as with the love and care of your Alma mater. The society and the nation will be happy for your contributions.”