【Graduation】 Time Flies and Love Lasts

By Wed, 29 Jun 2016 GMT

Beijing, 24th June, 2016(BISTU)--- BISTU, a name and a place symbolizing our youth! Now we are saying goodbye to dear teachers and alma mater. We are embarking on a new way. Today is an end to our college life as well as a beginning for our future. The society is open for us and the sky is expecting our wings!   


 Tassel flowing from right to left; Chairman witnessing our graduation   


  Both President and I are very happy 


  We owe gratitude to our teachers 


 The best background for any photo: teaching building  


 We are beautiful in that we are confident 


 I will forever remember the words to my alma mater 


 Red certificates: the best witness for our growth 


 We are harvesting diligence & honesty fruits named after school motto  


 Write down your pleasure here 


  The distance between me and the two certificates is a long timespan   


  The sunshine and blue sky says goodbye to us 


  The beautiful silhouette; my young and unforgettable days