President Wang Yongsheng's Address to Graduation Ceremony

By Fri, 24 Jun 2016 GMT


Dear faculties, parents, students, distinguished guests,  

 Good morning! 

Today we gather here to celebrate 2016 graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony for graduating students of BISTU. We are here to witness your moment of graduation and share with you the pleasure and happiness. On behalf of BISTU, I would like to extend my most sincere, warmest congratulations to 2567 graduating students and pay tribute to parents and teachers who have selflessly contributed to your growth as well as to your schoolmates who are here with you with their warmth!  

There are always moments in your college life when you are deeply touched and when teachers and schoolmates are deeply moved. You are touched at hardship and happiness of military training, sleepless nights during exam days, eloquent discussion on your academic area, dancing and singing on the stage of parties, or the fairytale love you had...... In the past four years, your footsteps resound on all BISTU campuses. And with your vigor and youth BISTU is imbued with vitality! 

Looking back at the days where you were, you will find it capable of being generalized with one expression--- "crazy information era". In 2012 when you enrolled with BISTU, the fashion during that summer was to watch European Cup on an iPad. And Pad was once a popular symbol among passengers riding the tube. Now here comes the time when “everything could be done on a mobile phone” and smart phones have been deeply embedded in people’s lifestyle: you could order take-away, search clothes on, or call a taxi from Didi. In the year 2012, 2G was still dominating mobile network. The following four years saw 3G and 4G fast growing and now 5G technology is being discussed to replace 4G.  

Four years ago, you, in the "crazy information era", enrolled with BISTU. With dreams of the era and support of faculties, you meet with our expectations. The past four years witnessed your devotion to science and technological innovation. Over 900 science innovative projects are what you have achieved as main strength and backbone. The brainwave wheelchair robot has won attention from national leadership. UAV project established a company. A number of UAV systems applied to industries, guided by "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", represented your tremendous potential in contributing substantially to national industry development with your innovative fruits. In the past four years, you have won two championships for medium group of football robot World Cup. And your Energy Auto team also have been awarded "best technology" four years in a row. Your passion and wisdom, with diligence and ambition, has won honors and added to glory of BISTU. We feel so proud of you! 

In the past four years, the university has been with you on the pathway to future. Aiming at achieving globalized education, the university has produced opportunities for 327 students to exchange studies in international institutions like the ones in the US, Germany, Canada. Professors Liu Xiaohe, Li Hong, Wang Hongjun, Zhou Jinhe, who have passionately shared their knowledge and experience in class, are awarded "Municipality Teacher of Excellence". Professors Xu Xiaoli and Zhu Lianqing, who have spent years in labs and contributed to national manufacturing industry, have won the award "Beijing Scholars". The new campus, with which you have shared your invaluable suggestions and ideas, is now under construction. Air conditioner will be ready to use in each dorm of BISTU this Summer holiday, expecting to bring you into a "cooler" season. You have witnessed fast development of BISTU. More importantly, you participate and truly contribute to the university construction! 

Graduation is more the beginning than an end. You are the first cohort graduating students since I became the President. It remains a question for me--- in an ever changing information era, where we are heading? Do we still need perseverance? What will you have to meet the outside world where you are to survive and strive for the rest of your life? I hereby share with you three ideas for your reference.  

Firstly, learn to conduct yourself based on "honesty" 

When you started working, you are no longer supported by parents or others. You will encounter hardships in employment, roaring prices, sky-scraping price of houses, and complicated social networks. With sudden attack from secular powers you might feel very uncomfortable. Economic pressure makes you value more material accumulation. You will be more realistic and pay more attention to wages and career levels. Here I would like to share with you a fact that the distinction between good and evil is forever clear. Your honesty, integrity and tolerance will gain trust, no matter how the society will change. When with friends, do mean what you say. And when in business, credit remains your prime choice. I sincerely hope that the "honor for life" quality for BISTU students remains unchanged, even though the campus will be bigger, more students will join us, and graduates of BISTU is seen in every corner of the world!  

Secondly, learn to work based on diligence.  

You shall become a capable and competent yourself and be active with your work. Love what I choose, live on my choice and be good at what I do. You are a new generation of students in information era. I am concerned about your spirit of fearlessly pursuing your "romances and dreams" and acute thinking. I am concerned about your endurance with hardships, your perseverance with daily routine work, and your comprise when necessary. Your career is built by actions not pure thinking. The society is like a tower where you are supposed to be part of its base when you firstly step in. You can never get out of the base by putting both your hands in pockets. I sincerely hope that in your new place and fresh surroundings you hold onto "diligence in learning" and act in a low-key style to complete every mission with diligence and dedication.  

And thirdly, learn to learn and practice "unity of knowledge and action" 

In college you have read a lot. However learning is a lifelong process and it will show you the way to your ideal. Currently a lot young people are fascinated with Internet, selfies, endless posts on timelines, and the "likes" they have won. I hope that you could turn your attention to the lively and lovely reality. You could pay more attention to national development and changes around you. You could learn from the times, life, and others and apply what you have learned to practices to better serve our country. Our Chinese people values "the unity of knowledge and action". It is the last thing you will choose, whether you continue to study or start working and whether you work for a place or start your own business, that you are flighty and impatient, shift and veer frequently, and lose what you have just learned. There is a saying that the champion always runs faster than applause. Behind the curtain of achievement stands continuous hardworking and practice.  

Dear students, you are graduating today and stepping onto the way to future from your alma mater. As your senior and teacher, I sincerely hope that you cherish more your remaining days with BISTU campus. I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to you for choosing BISTU and for the pride and patience you have offered with BISTU. And I also thank you all for having built up unforgettable memories for BISTU!  

Thank you!