Wang Yongsheng Meets with VP Andrew Ball of University of Huddersfield

By Tue, 07 May 2019 GMT

Beijing, 7th May, 2019, (BISTU)— Collaboration between BISTU and University of Huddersfield is explored on the meeting between President Wang Yongsheng and Prof. Andrew Ball, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise) of University of Huddersfield who is also appointed Honorary Professor of BISTU. Vice President Chen Gang attends the meeting and appointment ceremony.  


On behalf of BISTU, Wang Yongsheng extends warmest welcome to the distinguished guests and offers a brief introduction to BISTU. Wang Yongsheng expresses that BISTU attaches great importance to globalization of talent cultivation and hopes to initialize collaboration with University of Huddersfield via this meeting to facilitate globalization of BISTU. Wang Yongsheng points out that BISTU has strengths in smart manufacturing and mechanical fault diagnosis. Professor Ball, as a renowned specialist in this field, will offer great support with enhancement of BISTU in research competence and international competitiveness as an honorary professor of the University.  

Professor Ball introduces information of University of Huddersfield in respect of teaching, academic research, and educational globalization as well as educational principle of University of Huddersfield, i.e., Inspiring, Innovative, and International. He expresses that he is happy to accept the appointment of honorary professorship and wishes to make due contributions to development of the University.  


On the appointment ceremony, Vice President Chen Gang offers an introduction to academic achievements of Professor Ball and announces on behalf of BISTU that Professor Ball is appointed as honorary professor of the University. Wang Yongsheng presents the certificate and university badge. Professor Ball extends thanks to them for offering this honor and shares his experiences in teaching and research, i.e., unrelated self and related self. The unrelated self means that universities shall build sound platforms for students and faculties to fully motivate them. The related self indicates that faculties and students shall love what they are working on, focus on research, care colleagues and peers, act as examples and offer due help and support when necessary.  

Wang Yongsheng expresses that Professor Ball’s speech is a good motivation for each faculty and staff of BISTU. The University will learn from educational principles and experiences of Professor Ball, produce even better services for students and society, and perform even better in education with focus on morality.  


Following the appointment ceremony, both institutions conduct communication and exchange on research collaboration between BISTU and University of Huddersfield, i.e., specifically, the collaboration with MOE Key Lab for Electromechanical System Detection and International Base for High End Smart Sense and Control. Professor Ball also delivers an academic report for BISTU faculties and students on the theme of development tendency of condition monitoring in coming 8-10 years.  


The delegation members of University of Huddersfield also include Fengshou Gu, Deputy Director for Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering. The meeting and discussion are also attended by Prof. Chu Fulei from Tsinghua University, Director Zhang Jian of Office for Scientific Research, Director Chen Xin of Human Resources Office, Dr. Lu Jing, Director of International Cooperation Department, and Deputy Director Wang Hongjun of Office for Scientific Research.  

Dr. Andrew Ball is Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise and Professor of Diagnostic Engineering at the University of Huddersfield. As one of the top experts in the field of machinery condition monitoring, fault detection and diagnosis, dynamic modeling, smart computing, and acoustics, he has founded Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering, the world largest independent R&D institute in machinery condition monitoring.