Wang Chuanliang Holds Hall Talks with Students for Commemoration of May Fourth Movement

By Mon, 06 May 2019 GMT

Beijing, 6th May, 2019, (BISTU)— During commemoration of May Fourth Movement, Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and Vice President Chen Gang hold hall talks with students of Xiaoying Campus.  


Wang Chuanliang visits halls of residence of three classes and talks to students on their living facilities and everyday learning. He expresses that clean, sanitary halls of residence as well as healthy, optimistic spirit of students makes him very pleasedi. It is part of achievements of BISTU in talent cultivation. Wang Chuanliang stresses that college life is a stage where students are individualized and where team spirit is also required. Living in the same flat, students shall be inclusive and tolerant and shall be happy for others’ achievements. We shall learn how to discover strengths of others and provide due support with others when necessary. Currently construction of the New Campus is going smoothly. It is hoped that students are determined and dedicated to building a best university of Beijing.  

With regard to career development and life pursuit, Wang Chuanliang raises three key requirements. Wang Chuanliang expresses that students of BISTU, as young generation of the New Era, firstly shall establish ambitious goals of life and broaden horizon to get energy from fine traditional Chinese culture. Faculties and prefects shall be set as examples to follow. Then it is a must to carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and make contributions to the nation. Secondly, all students shall stand on solid ground and establish spiritual pursuits. As the young generation of China in the New Era, students shall be both materially and spiritually strong. Particularly, engineering students shall combine science with humanities while carrying forward scientific spirit. And thirdly, all students shall love our great motherland and hold onto the spirit of devotion. We shall be aware that under the leadership of the Party great achievements have been made. We shall have our beliefs and be political. We shall be courageous in shouldering responsibilities of the times and devote our energetic youth to the society.  

Tong Wei, class monitor of Measurement and Control Class 1701, introduces basic information of halls of residence and everyday learning. All students of Room 216 talks about their career planning and life ideals. They express that they will always bear in mind that the most prominent step in youth is to fight for our dreams. They will carry forward the spirit of May Fourth Movement and act as pioneers of the times.  

 And then a group photo is taken to mark the talks and commemorate the May Fourth Movement.