Wang Yongsheng Holds Talks with Students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base

By Thu, 25 Apr 2019 GMT

Beijing, 24th April 2019, (BISTU)— BISTU President Café and team of management welcomes President Wang Yongsheng, accompanied by General Administration Office, Academic Affairs’ Office, and Students’ Affairs Office. Yang Huayu, head of obstacle-surmounting robots, a BISTU entrepreneurial project, hosts the talks.  


Following the detailed introduction to the entrepreneurial team, research and development of products, marketing and operations, and market prospectus, Wang Yongsheng speaks highly of starting-up teams for their innovative and diligent spirit. He expresses that BISTU is feature for engineering disciplines with distinctive characteristics in information technology. The teams are from different schools and academic disciplines and their achievements cover a wide spectrum of areas. It shows that the University has made reasonable, scientific planning and scheme of talent cultivation. It is an opportunity to feel youth energy, vitality, and enthusiasm of entrepreneurship. It is also a display of achievements of BISTU in talent cultivation.     


After students share their experiences in starting up companies and businesses, Wang Yongsheng says that firstly the mission of a University is to cultivate talents. Students are an important part of the University. A university shall focus on development of students in all aspect of work. Secondly, the fundament mission of developing education with focus on morality shall be firmly implemented. The four years at university is a very important phase of our life. It is a period during which we would not only learn knowledge but also the meaning of life and professional skills in future work. Ideological education here plays a substantial role and attention shall be paid to enhancement of comprehensive quality. And thirdly, interest is the best guide. College students shall try best to turn interests into reality competences and professional skills in serving the society. It is also important for students to make sound planning so as to realize personal development in the process of pursuing personal hobbies.     


Wang Yongsheng says that mass entrepreneurship and innovation offers an invaluable opportunity for our times. It is hoped that students who are engaged in entrepreneurship and innovation shall have high aspiration. Looking up at the starry sky enjoys equal importance with firmly standing on the solid ground. The University will, as ever, support entrepreneurship and innovation of students, build relating platform and offer resources.  


Zero to One---Note on Startups, or How to Build the Future is given by President Wang Yongsheng to entrepreneurial teams as a gift. And the teams present 3D-printing gifts to the University.  

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Base of BISTU, formally established in June 2015, has incubated 71 companies/ projects, including 7 formally registered companies. Currently it accommodates 22 teams.