Wang Yongsheng Conducts Survey and Inspection at School of Media and Public Administration

By Fri, 22 Mar 2019 GMT

Beijing, 21st March 2019, (BISTU)— President Wang Yongsheng, accompanied by directors of relating divisions, conducts survey and inspection at School of Media and Public Administration on 20th March 2019.    


On behalf of the University, Wang Yongsheng firstly produces positive comments on achievements of the School in recent years and extends gratitude to all faculties and staff for their efforts. He points out that School of Media and Public Administration has done a lot in respect of highlighting educational features of the University and has contributed tremendously to development of BISTU.  


Wang Yongsheng talks about three major issues of the School, i.e., academic research competence to be further enhanced, degree programs to be expanded to higher level, and specialty structure to be further diversified. He points out that the University is dedicated to building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology. It requests that the School shall pay more attention to information technology in respect of talent introduction and specialty adjustment. Academic degree construction is a dynamic process in which the School shall adjust itself to produce timely response.  

Wang Yongsheng raises concrete requests for the School. He stresses that all faculties and staff of the School shall work hard and seize every opportunity for development so as to get masters’ program approved as early as possible. With academic discipline adjustment, it is necessary to locate the right direction and focus on regional and industrial development. With regard to academic research, it is recommended that the School shall try going global, i.e., strengthening exchange and communication with global partners to build various new platforms. Wang Yongheng says that he is confident about future of the School and he is deeply convinced that with joint efforts of all faculties and staff the School will make still further progress in all aspects.  

Reports on education and teaching of School of Media and Public Administration are delivered by Dean Yang Yu and Secretary Guo Yanjun. The meeting is also attended by other deans, chairs of departments, and representatives of faculties.