Working Conference for Deans of BISTU Successfully Completes

By Thu, 21 Mar 2019 GMT

Beijing, 20th March, 2019, (BISTU)— Working Conference for Deans of BISTU, hosted by President Wang Yongsheng and attended Vice President Xu Baojie and Vice President Chengang, successfully concludes on Xiaoying Campus on 19th March 2019. The Conference is aimed at sorting out recent missions, exploring key issues to be done, and making arrangement for key area of work in 2019. It is also attended by directors of General Administration Office, Academic Affairs’ Office, Office for Scientific Research, Postgraduate School, Human Resources Office, Office for Development Strategy and Planning (Office for Higher Education Research), International Cooperation Department, and Deans of BISTU schools.

Wang Yongsheng points out that undergraduate education shall be line with the spirit of national conference on education and national conference on undergraduate education in higher institutions of new era. Class teaching deserves enough attention while enhancing quality of talent cultivation. With regard to academic research, emphasis shall be laid on level and quality of research and building a solid foundation for academic discipline evaluation in 2020. Postgraduate education shall focus more on application of doctoral programs. It requests the whole university to work closely together. Admissions of postgraduate students shall be regulated in procedure and enhanced in quality of candidate students. With regard to human resources, breakthrough is not only required in quantity but also in quality. Regular appraisal shall be based on merits of faculties and staff. Promotion of professional titles shall be based on policy. And more doctoral supervisors shall be introduced into the University. Office for Development Strategy and Planning shall be well prepared for researching and planning for top-level design and macro-strategy of the University. Admissions of undergraduate students shall follow the new situation and new requirements of broad-based admission. It is also necessary for all faculties and staff to comprehensively implement the spirit of national conference on employment of graduating students in higher educational institutions. With regard to international exchange and communication, new breakthroughs shall be made in respect of educational globalization in addition to offering quality service for the whole University.

Wang Yongsheng says that firstly we shall be self-confident and courageous in exploration. Secondly, importance shall be attached to the feature of information technology and quality development of education. Weaknesses of the University shall be compensated in respect of team building, academic disciplinary construction, academic specialty, and academic research. And thirdly, project management is necessary for our work. All schools shall center on the goal of approval for doctoral programs to facilitate development of the University. It is hoped that all schools and divisions, guided by “construction of five environments”, will make their achievements by the end of the year so as to contribute to building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology and show respect to the 70th anniversary of the foundation of PRC.  

Xu Baojie requests that undergraduate teaching shall strictly follow the latest requirements of Central Party Committee and Ministry of Education with focus on deepening reform of teaching and improving quality of class-teaching. Admissions of undergraduate students shall actively adapt to system change and stresses on policy publicity. All schools shall work actively, closely together for broad-based admission planning of the University. Office for Development Strategy and Planning shall make better preparations for mid-term examination of the 13th Five-Year Plan and planning for the 14th Five-Year Plan. Deans of all schools shall mobilize initiative of all faculties and staff to make better planning for the future.  

Chen Gang requests that academic research shall lay focus on nurturing new growth point and improving quality of academic research platforms. It is necessary to strengthen team building. The phenomenon of “hitchhiking” shall be strictly forbidden. New breakthroughs shall be made in approval of national key projects. And all schools shall attach enough importance to international exchange and communication. During major events, schools shall be able to provide due help when necessary. And attention also shall be paid to employment of graduating students.  

Directors of various divisions deliver work report on key issues in 2019. Deans of all schools exchange and communicate with each other on their thinking of teaching and education, major issues to deal with, and major problems to solve in 2019.