BISTU Conference on Development Strategy and Planning Successfully Completes

By Tue, 19 Mar 2019 GMT

Beijing, 18th March, 2019, (BISTU)— BISTU Conference on Development Strategy and Planning, addressed by President Wang Yongsheng and attended by Vice President Xu Baojie as well as directors of General Administration Office and Office for Development Strategy and Planning, successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus.

Wang Yongsheng speaks highly of all faculties and staff of Office for Development Strategy and Planning (Office for Higher Education Research) for their contribution and dedication. He stresses that development strategy and planning deserves enough attention and says that firstly all shall be political and lay stress on the big picture of our nation. We shall uphold comprehensive leadership of the Party over all issues when centering in key issues of the University and making our due contribution. Secondly, more efforts shall be invested in key areas and research competence shall be further enhanced. It is the job of the Office to produce better planning suggestions for development of the University. And thirdly, publicity and information technology shall be fully explored in the era of all media. Internet and new media serve as important fields of publicity and thus require high degree of attention. It is hoped that the Office could establish clarified goals and contribute to “construction of five environments” in the atmosphere of “being proud of self-achievements, sharing with others, being happy for others’ achievements and helping others in doing well”.

Following reports delivered by faculties and staff, Wang Yongsheng raises concrete requirements on development strategy and planning. He points out that the Office shall have a clear understanding of planning. It is expected that in the future the Office could play an effective role in appraisal of second-tier sectors of the University. It is necessary for the Office to both strengthen communication with peer divisions and offices of the University and work closely with supervising institutions and division and offices of other universities. The Office is expected to work actively and courageously to promote the University’s research competence in higher education and development planning and to contribute to building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology.  

Xu Baojie requests that Office for Development Strategy and Planning (Office for Higher Education Research) shall also actively participate in all issues in University development, be informed of latest progress of the University, and identify gaps and weaknesses of the University compared to foreign institutions so as to better contribute to the future of BISTU.