BISTU Holds Theme Meeting on Academic Degree Management

By Sat, 02 Mar 2019 GMT 

Beijing, 1st March, 2019, (BISTU)— Theme meeting on academic degree management successfully completes on BISTU Xiaoying campus on 1st March 2019. The meeting, hosted by President Wang Yongsheng, is aimed at implementing the spirit of Ministry of Education in regulating and enhancing admission and education of postgraduate students. It is also attended by Vice President Xu Baojie, members of academic degree appraisal committee, chairs of postgraduate education in BISTU schools, and deans and directors of Postgraduate School, General Administration Office, Publicity Department, Division of Supervisory, and Academic Affairs’ Office. 

Wang Yongsheng explains the spirit of documents published by Ministry of Education and raises requests centered on BISTU admission and education of postgraduate students. He stresses that firstly we shall strengthen system construction. Current documents on postgraduate admission and education deserve great attention. And relating regulations and policies are to be further perfected. Secondly, publicity and guidance shall be enhanced. Everything about postgraduate students admission counts a lot. Regulations and systems shall be publicized to the extensive scope of faculties, staff, and students. Thirdly, we shall be better prepared in supervision and inspection. The University will establish relating institutions and expert teams to ensure education of postgraduate students. And fourthly, no wrongdoings will be forgiven in admission and education of postgraduate students. It is hoped that all schools and divisions seriously learn and study relating spirit of supervising institutions to perfect postgraduate admissions this year.  

Xu Baojie explains the spirit of the meeting for academic degree management in universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. He points out that BISTU shall enhance political awareness, conduct self-inspection, perfect system, and strengthen process management and quality control. Executive Vice Dean Wang Xingfen of Postgraduate School talks about concrete arrangements and timetable for supervision and inspection of issues relating to postgraduate admission and education.