Wang Chuanliang Conducts Survey at Lab of Photo Electronic Test and Detection Technology and Instruments

By Wed, 26 Dec 2018 GMT

Beijing, 25th December, 2018, (BISTU)— Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, accompanied by Vice President Chen Gang and Lu Lei, member of standing commission of CPC BISTU Committee and Director of Organizational Department of BISTU, and directors of relating divisions, conducts survey on learning and implementation of the spirit of national and municipal conferences on education at Lab of Photo Electronic Test and Detection Technology and Instruments, a key minister level lab of BISTU.  


Wang Chuanliang and other delegation members are showed around fiber-optical sense system installation and adjustment lab, light-operated flight control system and low power-consumption demodulation technology lab, Beijing lab of fiber-optical sense and system, lab for test of flight load spectrum and satellite parameters, and integrated photonic devices lab. They review reports on development of Lab of Photo Electronic Test and Detection Technology and Instruments and hold talks with Director Zhu Lianqing and faculties of the Lab.  


Wang Chuanliang then talks about the spirit of national and municipal conferences on education. He reiterates important address of President Xi Jinping on national conference on education, speech of Minister Chen Baosheng of Ministry of Education and speech of Secretary General Cai Qi of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee. He stresses that party members, faculties, staff, and students shall thoroughly learn and implement the spirit of national and municipal conferences on education. Leadership of the Party over issues of the University shall be strengthened. Morality in the process of education deserves enough attention. And ideological issues shall be planted in all sections of the whole process of education and teaching. All faculties and staff shall actively follow the principle of becoming a teacher with “firm political awareness, leading professional knowledge, comprehensive qualities, dedication and inclusive attitude, and diligence and honor with loving spirit”. Students are expected to hold fast to ideals, work hard on academic knowledge, enhance overall qualities, pursue noble realm, and build a better life. And Wang Chuanliang urges efforts to educate and guide the students to foster their sense of responsibility, striving spirit, comprehensive capability, creative thinking, love for sports, aesthetic taste and hard-working spirit.  

In the talks with School of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering, Wang Chuanliang speaks highly of the achievements that the School and the Lab has made in past years as well as efforts and contributions of faculties and staff despite of relatively insufficient resources accessible. He stresses that CPC BISTU Committee will center on “construction of five environments” and follow the major pathway of “feature in information technology”. Emphasis will also be attached to development of academic clusters in the field of new generation information technology, smart manufacturing, national defense and military industry, and humanities and social sciences. No efforts will be spared to facilitate super-normal, big-stride development of the University and to realize the goal in 2020 that Phase I of New Campus will be completed, doctoral programs approved, and new breakthroughs will be made in teaching and research. Wang Chuanliang points out that belief and confidence is important in all times. In such a crucial time period for BISTU to achieve super normal, big-stride development, faculties, particularly deans and directors, shall have firm faith and confidence as well as strong sense of responsibility to contribute to education. Administrative divisions shall transform from “managerial service” to “service-oriented management” so as to offer quality service for teaching, research, talent cultivation, and academic discipline construction of the University.  


Wang Chuanliang stresses that college culture is the soul of an institution and the spiritual home to all faculties, staff and students. The University will not only seek preeminence in respect of research, team building, talent cultivation, and management service but also invest more efforts to strengthen cultural construction to build a sentiment environment of diligence, honor, inclusiveness, goodness, mutual appreciation, and team spirit. We shall give enough room to individuals, share advantage, be happy for others’ achievement, and help each other. We shall build the team culture of coordination with respect of differences, i.e., individual values are brought into full play while a perfect team is successfully organized. Also it is necessary to promote integration of scientific spirit and humanity spirit to offer spiritual support and power source for construction of five environments and realization of super normal, big-stride development of the University.