Experience Sharing Meeting held at BISTU on Technology Innovation CEO Camp of Ministry of Science and Technology

By Sat, 15 Dec 2018 GMT

Beijing, 14th December, 2018, (BISTU)— BISTU School of Economics and Management successfully organizes the seminar on modern technology and science and technology innovation, part of series activities of BISTU seminars on economics and management. The seminar invites 6 young entrepreneurs from Technology Innovation CEO Campus of Ministry of Science and Technology to share their experiences of entrepreneurship and innovation. President Wang Yongsheng meets with the 6 ECOs. The Seminar is addressed by Vice President Xu Baojie and attended by directors of relating divisions, faculties and staff of School of Economics and Management, and representatives of students.  

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Yongsheng extends warmest welcome to the six distinguished guest. He says that the Seminar is expected to enlighten students in their thinking of entrepreneurship and innovation and to facilitate development of the University in respect of issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation. He sends best wishes for a successful completion of the Seminar and for further progress of careers of the 6 honored guests.  



In his address, Xu Baojie points out that science and technology innovation is the call of the times and enterprises serve as incubators for the innovation. They are backbones of the society and are playing an important role in social innovation and mass entrepreneurship. Xu Baojie offers an introduction to achievements of the University in science and technology innovation. BISTU will pay increasing attention to cultivation of innovative talents and encouraging more students to take entrepreneurial and innovative choices. Says Xu Baojie who also presents certificates of BISTU adjunct professorship to the guests.  


The distinguished guests all share their experiences in innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Yi Yangbo, founder of Chipown, offers an introduction of microchips and integrated circuits using iPhone as an example. And Dr. Yi Yangbo says that three points in life worthy of being remembered: we shall learn to admit defeat and wait for new opportunities; we shall make full preparations for everything; and we shall work in a thoroughgoing manner and take into consideration every detail we could think of .  

Bi Xin, General Manager of Suzhou Millimeter Wave Technology Co. Ltd., shares his experiences of building a company in the field of Autonomous Vehicles. Following his introduction to history of automobiles, Bi Xin focuses on technology and industry information of autonomous vehicles. And then he generalizes his business experience with three phrases from Wang Guowei, i.e., independence, pinning away, and achievements--- three realms of life.  

Followed is Tian Jun, founder of HITBOT, who offers a detailed explanation of industrial background, categories of products, and market competition. He concludes that “it is counted as betrayal of life if you dawdle away one minute of your days”.  

Xie Chuanquan introduces current development and status quo of robotics industry and difficulties he encounters in making robots. As co-founder of Beijing BooCax Technology Co., Ltd, he shares his experiences in starting up a company. It is better not to concentrate on very-popular fields. “A cold reception” sometimes request patience and calmness. Says Xie.  

Lin Xiao, co-founder of Cycle Columbus, explains issues about clean production and cycle economy. China now sees rapid industrial development together with enormous energy consumption and severe environmental pollution. His team has noticed that utilization of energy and environmental protection shall not be only researched on papers. Then they start to explore development of new, clean energies. He concludes, with computer games as an example, that students shall have wild dreams and do what they dream of.  

President Feng Yu of China Coal Transport & Distribution Association shares his experiences in coal industry and big data. The Company’s system is based on combination of big data and coal price as well as market analysis of coal supply and demand. “The idea of ‘live and learn’ shall be integrated into your mind. All shall work diligently and learn how to love working and enjoy the colors of life.” Comments Feng.  


The Seminar is aimed at deepening students’ understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation and enhancing their awareness and competence in entrepreneurship and innovation. Well-equipped youths lead to a powerful nation. Says students. University students in the New Era shall seize great opportunities offered by the times, invest efforts in learning, and contribute to the Chinese dream of rejuvenation of great Chinese Nation.