Mobilization Meeting for Categorized Observation of Educational Development Successfully Concludes

By Thu, 29 Nov 2018 GMT

Beijing, 22nd November, 2018, (BISTU)— Mobilization Meeting for Categorized Observation of Educational Development successfully concludes at International Academic Auditorium of Xiaoying Campus. Mobilization speeches are delivered by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and President Wang Yongsheng. The meeting is also attended by all senior administrators as well as directors and deputy directors of divisions and hosted by Vice President Xu Baojie.

Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that Beijing Municipal Educational Commission organizes expert committee to conduct categorized observation on educational development at BISTU. It is a key event for future development of the University. All schools and divisions shall be fully, politically aware of the importance of observation. And he raises three points of consideration. Firstly, the observation shall be attached to great importance and all faculties and staff shall get involved. Each faculty and staff is the possible objective of observation. With firm leadership of CPC BISTU Committee, a specialized working group will be established to carefully organize and accurately guide preparations for the observation. It is aimed at making all faculties and staff of the University to work closely together for educational development of BISTU.  

Secondly, it is necessary to make a thorough report of BISTU, a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology. It is an appropriate choice in line with history, status quo and development prospect of the University. We shall be fully confident with our strategic thinking, future development, three-step development strategy, and objectives to be achieved by 2020. BISTU is originated from first class universities and we have highlights in historical heritage, top design, key breakthroughs, development prospect, educational feature, academic disciplinary clusters, and application for approval of doctoral degree programs. These are to be presented to expert committee of the observation with both sketch lines and details.  

And thirdly, we shall keep out goals in sight and keep working hard. The observation offers a precious opportunity for us to hold onto three-step development strategy and objectives to be achieved by 2020. With regard to appointment of mid-level administrators, Wang Chuanliang requests that all faculties and staff shall have the political awareness and take the interests of the whole into consideration. We shall follow each rule and regulation and take care of each faculty and staff. When all strengths are gathered and spirit is motivated, BISTU would make fresh achievements with its new roles in the New Era.

In his mobilization speech, President Wang Yong explains major intentions and background of educational development observation at BISTU. He introduces Implementation Plan for promotion of educational development at BISTU and makes arrangements for the coming observation. Wang Yongsheng emphasizes that expert committee of Beijing Municipal Educational Commission will conduct thorough inspection on education and all relating work at the University. It serves as an important opportunity for us to further clarify our educational orientation, enhance the feature in information technology, comprehensively push forward education and teaching reform, and improve quality of education. It is concerned with future development of the University as well as vital interest of all faculties and staff and thus deserves our full attention.  

Wang Yongsheng requests that all schools and divisions shall seriously, carefully research on the Implementation Plan to obtain deeper understanding of our educational orientation, strategic thinking of our development, the on-going reform, and the consensus that we have reached on reform and development. Reports to the observation committee shall be based on our educational goals, orientation, development, and reform with highlights on achievements, features, and future development. Supervision and inspection of class-teaching shall be enhanced and mobilization of students and faculties shall be fully implemented.  

Wang Yongsheng requests that all schools and all divisions shall attach great importance to the observation with overall planning, converged consensus, and firm confidence. All faculties and staff shall be aware of their jobs and responsibilities and work together to accomplish the mission of educational development observation by Beijing Municipal Educational Commission.  

CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government publish Advisory Opinion on Comprehensively Promoting Reform and Development of Higher Education in Beijing in June 2018. The Advisory Opinion is based on Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Ear and the spirit of the Party’s 19th National Congress. It aims at categorized development of higher educational institutions, i.e., we shall focus on construction of high level research –oriented universities, high level university with features in some fields, high level universities of applied learning, and high level universities with hands-on skills. In the coming month, Beijing Municipal Educational Commission will organize four expert committees to observe all municipally-supervised universities. Implementation Plan of BISTU describes the University as a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology and “construction of a high level, domestically first-class and internationally well-known university with distinctive feature in information technology” as overall objective of the University.