Learning at Renowned University of the World

By Thu, 18 Oct 2018 GMT

Beijing, 17th October 2018 (BISTU)— Summer of 2018 sees one cohort after another BISTU students attending exchange programs at renowned university around the world. The University totally organizes around 100 students from 11 schools to start their learning at universities in Japan, Britain, the U.S., Australia, Ireland and Israel. The number of students attending summer-holiday learning programs hits a record high.   


Summer learning of 2018 is centered on development of BISTU doctoral degree programs, cultivation talents with strong practical competence, innovative spirit and international awareness, and advocating the feature of information technology of the University.  

For the first time BISTU sends a cohort of postgraduate students to Waseda University of Japan for cultivation of internationalized intellectuals. A group of faculties organized by Academic Affairs Office successfully completes its learning at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Sophia University of Japan welcomes BISTU students to international exchange projects for innovation practice. Difference experiences and lives of learning are also offered to BISTU students in University College Cork of Ireland--- an institution famous for data security and data digging--- and James Cook University in Australia featured for smart Internet of Things.  

Internationalized entrepreneurship program hosted by Waseda University focuses on cultivation of student entrepreneurs with global horizon. BISTU students, while being offered the opportunity of seminar of famous scholars, visit a number of enterprises and factories and invite industry tycoons to share their successful experiences.  


Innovation practice project at Sophia University offers not only lectures and seminars but also field practice in famous enterprises like Asahi Shimbun and factory of Asahi Beer in Kanagawa. In-depth understanding is obtained in respect of Japanese environment, media, economy, and culture.  


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona offers a series of lectures and seminars, which help students broaden their horizon and build valuable reference for construction of field practice teaching, deepening reform of engineering education and construction of new engineering programs at BISTU.  


Students attending “Big Data and Business” in Ireland learn quite a lot in lectures and also visit Office for National Statistics and some science and technology companies. They are more aware of the important role of big data in policy-making and business operations.  

According to International Cooperation Department, it serves as an important objective and mission for BISTU to build more platforms of communication and exchange, encourage them to go out often, enrich their experiences, and experience various lives around the world. Positive, satisfied feedbacks of the students also provide first-hand information for innovation of educational ideals, reform of educational methods and enhancement of educational quality.