How BISTU Focus on Science and Technology Development with the Objective of Building a High-level University with Distinct Feature in Information Technology?

By Fri, 21 Sep 2018 GMT

[Editors’ Note] Beginning of the new semester sees opening ceremony of BISTU conference on science and technology development. Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee requests that all faculties and staff solidly promote science and technology innovation at the University with more positive attitude, excellent working styles, and stronger moves so as to achieve BISTU 2020 objectives. President Wang Yongsheng delivers a report titled Active initiative, focusing on quality development and information feature, reforming and innovating, BISTU enhances level of issues on science and technology development”.  


Key focus one: Actively integrating into social economic development of Beijing and of the nation and investing efforts in improving capacity of offering service in science and technology.  

1. Importance attached to “big projects”, and actively understanding demand of national and regional development.

Firstly, BISTU shall seize opportunities brought along by “big projects”, considering development scenario of national and regional social economic development; 

Secondly, BISTU shall match strengths in academic discipline accurately with demand of big projects to locate and adjust research pathways so as to obtain more resources for further research.  

2. Active in exploration and in serving national and regional development.  

Firstly, academic leaders and research teams shall keep focusing on key national demand, strive to win big projects, and invest efforts in solving substantial theoretical and technological problems in respect of strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, and national defense and military industries.  

Secondly, researchers shall actively attach importance to projects and industry related to national economic and social development.  

3. Enhancing research team organization building and actively serving national and regional development.  

Firstly, we shall enhance our competence in organizing and participating in substantial projects, help researchers build connections with projects, and offer convenient, efficient service for researchers.  

Secondly, management and staff of Office for Scientific Research shall conduct survey on front lines of research, understand status quo of research, know more about demand, and solve concrete problems. Meanwhile, we shall actively broaden our horizons, learn more about social demands, enhancing connections with supervising units of projects, and expand channels of locating more projects.  

Key focus two: Strengthening quality building of research and enhancing innovation competence of science and technology.  

1. Cultivating young faculties and strengthening team building of research  

Firstly, encouraging faculties to exchange and communicate with outside world, cooperate with high-level universities, and improve research level of all faculties.    

Secondly, strengthening introduction of outside talents of excellence, increasing the number of academic leaders of disciplines, and build a few academic disciplinary clusters with national influence.  

Thirdly, research team building shall center on strategic goals of academic discipline development of the University and clarify research pathways and development objectives.  

Fourthly, we shall construct moderate, reasonable size and structure for research teams, establish scientific, reasonable policies of appraisal, evaluation and motivation, and build a culture of coordination and innovation.  

2. More importance attached to construction of research platforms, laying a solid foundation for science and technology development.  

Firstly, enhancing appraisal of current research bases, set reasonable indexes for appraisal, guide research bases to substantial demands of Beijing and of the nation, and yield quality research achievements particularly those of state-level.  

Secondly, enhancing construction of research bases for military industry.  

Thirdly, strengthening construction of international collaborative research base, aiming at applying for state-level international collaborative research base in 2019.  

3. Enhancing the role of academic research in talent cultivation and promoting integration of education and research.  

Firstly, building closer links between science and technology innovation with talent cultivation, embedding research achievements with daily teaching, encouraging undergraduate students to conduct research in labs and research teams, encouraging students to participate in research projects, and making research contribute to teaching.  

Secondly, research shall be integrated in teaching, organization of students’ participation in science and technology work shall be enhanced, and investment in students’ research projects shall be raised.  

Thirdly, innovation project for postgraduate students shall be facilitated, quality of postgraduate education enhanced, innovative competence of postgraduate students be improved, and role of outstanding postgraduate students in science and technology innovation enhanced.  

Key focus 3: importance attached to information technology; attention paid to core competitiveness of the University.  

1. More investment in construction of information technology as an academic discipline and we shall focus on building salient features of the discipline.方向。 

Firstly, we shall be guided by demand and strategic development of Beijing and of the nation to guide our research on the pathway with distinct feature in information technology.    

Secondly, more efforts are to be invested in academic pathways with feature in information technology, and more investments are to be considered in favor of information technology feature in respect of research funding and improvement of research environment.  

2. Strengthening inter-disciplinary integration with increasing attention paid to information technology.  

Firstly, we shall deepen reform on research system, break barriers resulted from segmentation of schools and departments as well as administrative barriers, establish relating research institutes, and provide better conditions for faculties in interdisciplinary research.  

Secondly, we shall bring into full play of the role of academic disciplines with strengths and look for new breakthroughs in interdisciplinary fields.  

3. Facilitating commercialization of research achievements and strengthening the feature of information technology in social service.  

Firstly, we shall actively participate in construction of industry technology alliance, strengthen cooperation with TRS---a company with BISTU equity participation, and enhance the core role of university science and technology park in commercialization of research achievements, promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, and cultivation of innovative talents.       

Secondly, we shall establish a more effective technology transfer platform and system for school-enterprise cooperation, build joint labs with enterprises, establish university-enterprises alliance, and try our best to build joint research base or science and technology innovation center with large-scale, leading corporations in the field of information and telecommunications.  

Thirdly, we shall focus on system innovation, explore effective measures in motivating commercialization of research achievements, perfect appraisal and evaluation system for research projects, and promote commercialization of research achievements.  

Key focus four: Speeding up in system construction and mechanism reform to boost vitality of research  

1. More efforts are to be paid to perfection of working system and creation of a relaxed environment for research faculties. 

Firstly, we shall revise current regulations to build a scientific, dynamic, and highly efficient modern mechanism of research management.    

Secondly, we shall explore the feasibility of conducting pilot program at some schools on overall-appraisal of research teams. It is aimed at combining individual appraisal with team appraisal, shifting the focus of team leaders’ appraisal to their research pathways, scholarly attainments, and organization and coordination in team building, and enabling research teams to adapt to science and technology innovation and interdisciplinary development.  

2. More efforts are to be paid to reform on management of research projects and research funds so as to improve research efficiency.  

Firstly, we shall strengthen management of categorization of research projects, budget of research funds, using of surplus of research funding, expenditure in labor cost, benefits from commercialization of research achievements, and responsibility of legal representatives of research projects. It is aimed at solving the problems that most projects attach more importance to application than management of projects.  

Secondly, we shall invest huge efforts in coordinated innovation within the University. We shall actively explore effective allocation of research resources under the framework of coordinated innovation, strengthen interaction and coordination among disciplines, schools, and professors, and maximize the role of the University in innovation system by promoting transfer of innovation factors and resources from a closed, segmented status to an open, coordinated status. The final objective is to achieve fundamental change in innovative development of the University with shared strengths, shared resources, and shared development.  

3. More attention is to be attached to construction of science and technology innovation platform and enhancement of independent innovation competence.  

Firstly, we shall strengthen construction of exiting research platforms, draft management regulations for BISTU research platforms, motivate the units who participate in construction of the platforms, and spare no efforts to solving actual problems in the process of constructing the platforms.    

Secondly, we shall integrate strengths and resources of academic disciplines, schools and research teams, apply for more innovation platforms of science and technology, and try our best to make breakthroughs in building state-level research platforms. We shall continue to build research platforms with universities under supervision of Ministry of Education and actively expand our cooperation with Beihang University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The BISTU schools shall locate their development orientation and breakthrough points based on their respective features, target at social economic development, and establish school-level research institutes so as to form an all-in pattern for science and technology innovation at the University.