President Wang Yongsheng Delivers the Very First Lecture for All New Students

By Sat, 15 Sep 2018 GMT

Beijing, 14th September 2018 (BISTU)— The Very First Class for New Students, a lecture delivered by President Wang Yongsheng, is arranged at Students’ Art Center of Xiaoying Campus and live-broadcast in three campuses, i.e., Xiaoying, Jianxiangqiao, and Qinghe. The lecture raises three major questions: what is the mission of a university? How to confirm that you have made the right choice? How will you become builders and successors of socialist course with overall development of comprehensive qualities? Based on the spirit of National Conference on Education, mission and responsibility of Chinese universities, and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, Wang Yongsheng talks to the young, energetic, confident Generation Z (TwoKays) in a variety of fields. The lecture is hosted by Vice President Chen Gang. 

The Very First Class for New Students serves as an important part of education offered to new students as well as a good try in ideological education of college students. Prior to the class, Wang Yongsheng extends sincere greetings and congratulations to students whose birthdays are just today. 

With regard to the first question, i.e., mission and responsibility of a university, Wang Yongsheng quotes President Xi Jinping’s words that universities are where morality education is completed and talents are cultivated and where young people learn knowledge and build up their dreams. He also quotes Yuan-Pei Tsai to tell students that universities are not the place where they could pursue wealth and social ranks. Rather they are the place where students love knowledge and devote to research and where faculties are dedicated to cultivating talents. University is not the terminal of learning but a renewing point. Wang Yongsheng tells students that universities are not ivory towers. Universities have to provide continuous intellectual and talent support with reform and development of the country and serve as the lighthouse for advancement of the society. We shall be aware that universities and faculties, rich or poor, shall behave as educators, serve the nation and the people, and then realize personal value and dreams. Today is the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth. Starting from Communist Manifesto, Wang Yongsheng reviews the history of Marxism dissemination in China. He tells students that Marxism does not only profoundly change the world but also China. It becomes the fundamental guiding thought of China and of Chinese Communist Party. China chooses Marxism as a theory and a way to observe, understand and transform the world. He hopes that students could learn to observe and analyze the world from Marxist perspective, serve the country and the people, work diligently, and become builders and successors of socialist course with overall development of comprehensive qualities. 

With regard to the question “How to confirm that you have made the right choice?”, Wang Yongsheng’s lecture starts from predecessor of BISTU. It was Advance Commercial Vocational School of Peking established in 1937. He explains to the students where BISTU is originated, what BISTU’s development missions and objectives are, and what features of BISTU education and talent cultivation are. The past 80-odd years have witnessed the process of formation of distinct feature in information technology, civil industry, and military industry. The University has been serving social economic development of the nation, development of Beijing, and building a high level university with distinct feature in information technology. With regard to talent cultivation, Wang Yongsheng mentions three key words, i.e., innovation, practice, and globalization. He tells new students that cultivation of innovation and practical competence will be with students all through their college life. Currently, over 70% of students participate in various innovative practices, science and technology competitions, and entrepreneurial projects. The University has seen fruitful results in innovation and entrepreneurship education. BISTU is the only university among peer universities supervised by Beijing Municipality who has won bronze medals in two successive years in China Internet Plus College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. And Water, a robot football team of BISTU, has won five championships in RoboCup World Soccer Competition.  

In “personal development at university” section, Wang Yongsheng discusses new science and technology revolution and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and tells students that they shall learn how to learn, actively manage their learning, and accumulate knowledge in a thoroughgoing manner. It is better to cultivate independent thinking ability and the ability to see through complexities. Students shall learn to become active builders of the society, not “Buddha-care” (literally Buddha-like, or slack) young generation, or young angry cynic. Students all shall be innovator, focus on demand of social development, and cultivate research competence and innovative competence while work hard in knowledge accumulation. Wang Yongsheng hopes that all students will establish their goals, highlight their ambition, keep up pace with the times, and become builders and successors of socialist course with overall development of comprehensive qualities. 

As a honored guest, Ji Yichao, an alumnus of BISTU, winner of the 28th Beijing May-Fourth Award, and Cover People of Forbes, is invited to share his experience of studying with BISTU. Xu Ying, alumnus of excellent, “Goddess of COMPASS” , and the youngest ever researcher and Ph.D. supervisor of Academy of Opto-electronics of Chinese Academy of Science, particularly makes a video to send her best regards to all new students. 

Active interaction between President Wang Yongsheng and students is a highlight of the first class. Song Wenchao from Vehicle Engineering comments that the first class offer information on education feature of BISTU, of which he feels very proud. And life story of Prof. Zhang Fuxue is very touching and inspiring. In the following four year, he will strictly follow the University Motto and the example of Prof. Zhang, broaden horizon, and grow up to become a quality university graduate.  

Zhang Zhenlong from Electric Electronic Engineering and Automation says that President Wang Yongsheng has truly taught him a lot. “With so many vivid examples, I feel that BISTU has a long history and fine tradition of education. In the coming four years, I will learn how to learn and how to think. I will try to contribute to the nation and the society so as not to fall short of BISTU and President’s expectations.”  

Wei Yufeng from Opto-electronic Science and Engineering says that “we are very grateful that the University has prepared for us such a wonderful first class. I am immensely proud that I am one of the BISTUers. And I am confident with my future. It is a mission now that I shall adapt myself as quickly as possible to college life, work hard, broaden my horizon, think independently, and improve myself in all respects.” 

“I owe great thanks to President Wang for his meaningful and vivid first class for all new students. His lecture makes us aware that BISTU has its vitality and creativity. And now we have fully realized the care and expectations of the nation, the society and BISTU. BISTU is a starting point for my dream.” Say Li Zhibin from Statistics. He received birthday card from President Wang Yongsheng for congratulations on his birthday.