Self-assessment on Master of Management Science and Engineering Successfully Completes

By Mon, 03 Sep 2018 GMT

Beijing, 2nd September 2018 (BISTU)— BISTU meeting of self-assessment on master program Management Science and Engineering successfully completes on 27th August 2018. The assessment group, headed by Prof. Yang Shanlin, member of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Hefei University of Technology, includes other members of assessment committee of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council such as Prof. Ye Qiang from Harbin Institute of Technology, Prof. Qi Ershi from Tainjin University, Prof. Wu Xiaobo from Zhejiang University, Prof. Chen Jian from Tsinghua University, Prof. Huang Lihua from Fudan University, Prof. Huang Haijun from Beihang University, Prof. Dong Jichang from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Liu Xinbao from Hefei University of Technology. The meeting is also attended by BISTU Vice President Xu Baojie and faculties of School of Economics and Management and chaired by Wang Jiuhe, Executive Vice Dean of Postgraduate School.

In his address, Xu Baojie extends sincere thanks to experts for their guidance and support. he hopes that more suggestions could be produced to facilitate competitiveness and competence of Management Science and Engineering as a master program so that a solid foundation would be laid for approval of a doctoral degree program in this field. Academician Yang Shanlin introduces requirements of self-assessment and hopes that academic competence of the program would be enhanced.

Dean Zhang Jian of School of Economics and Management, on behalf of the degree and the discipline of Management Science and Engineering, delivers a report on building and assessment of the discipline. Experts of the group positively, fully confirm that BISTU has achieved a lot in Management Science and Engineering and agree that the degree program is supposed to pass approval assessment with reasonable allocation of faculty resources, rich achievements in research, perfect quality assurance system, and distinct feature in information technology. They hope that BISTU will center on key strategic development of the nation to focus more on international frontiers and enhance the competence in serving economy and industry of Beijing and of the nation.